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This little kit has given me back my life! I have so much to tell you about my wellness journey…where I have been, how I got back on track, and where I am going. The story will take a while to tell, so bear with me and follow along when you can.

If you have been a follower of my blog for some time, you may realize that I didn’t blog much over the past year. I have been on a ‘coming back to wellness journey’, even though I didn’t realize it fully until a couple of months ago. I will talk more about what happened in August 2017 later. It has been a long journey.

Although I have long been an advocate of using essential oils, over the years my health and personal problems increased to the point that I forgot most everything I knew and succumbed to the depression of no longer caring…what was the point?

In April, my daughter began to remind me of the goodness essential oils offer to us. I pulled out my arsenal and connected with them again. Slowly, but surely my health and mindset started improving. After much research, I decided to purchase my premium starter kit from Young Living and have never looked back.

I was most familiar with lavender essential oil, so decided to open that little bottle first. Most of us associate Lavender with relaxation, but it is so much more!

Lavender essential oil is a powerful antioxidant! This is important because, due to poor diet and high exposure to toxins, the body can become deficient in antioxidants. Also, Lavender can help improve sleep, reduce stress, and relieve pain, all helpful when boosting the immune system or recovering from an illness. It helped me immensely!

What are your favorite ways to use Lavender?

Thieves and Lavender 4 drops each in Diffuser

It is so easy to get started using essential oils and other natural, oil-based products in your daily routine to keep yourself, and your family, healthy and it all comes in a kit, including an ultrasonic diffuser of your choice!

Each kit comes with a lifetime wholesale membership for Young Living so that you have access to what you, and your family, needs at a discount price for the rest of your life. You also get a wealth of support, education and resources to help you kick those toxins out of your house and body and start living your best life! The support I have received has helped me get a new start on life!

Come join me on my ‘wellness journey’.

*Disclaimer: “While I do hold a certification in aromatherapy, I’m not a medical Professional. I’m simply sharing my experience and knowledge.”

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    1. Peppermint is good for so many things. I rub it on my temples for headaches and it is an ingredient in my ‘migraine roller blend’. I use it in my diffuser in the mornings to help get my brain working. (smile)

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