Health Alert: Biggest Ever Study Confirms Antidepressant Drugs Raise Risk of Suicide

This is a thought. They took me off all my antidepressant medications after my attempted suicide. Shocking and controversial: An editorial published in 2016 in the prestigious British Medical Journal has reported that antidepressant drugs could be counterproductive and actually increase the risk of suicide. This was first reported early in 2016 by several news... Continue Reading →

Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Paradise

7 All-Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Paradise Are you sick of “artificial” air fresheners? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were – most of them contain artificial chemicals, some of which might be toxic. Let’s face it, they are designed to “imitate” natural products – but anyone who is into aromatherapy and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Funday

What is Sunday Funday? The “Sunday Funday” craze is sweeping the nation — or at least my Twitter stream — and I honestly have no idea what it means. What is Sunday Funday? And is it appropriate for us “adults?” Urban Dictionary has seven — yes, seven — definitions of “Sunday Funday.” And they all... Continue Reading →

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