June 2015 Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and Herbs

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June 2015 Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and Herbs

Monday – June 1, 2015

Astrology Online Report For June 2015

Venus and Jupiter are conjunct this month bringing us a great sense of accomplishment and joy. Love is in the air for most of us so lap it up my fellow star seeds. Lots of touch and much wanted nurturing is afoot. Jupiter is also trine Uranus, an aspect that generates innovation and progress. Mercury resumes its direct motion on the 12th of June reducing the risk of misunderstandings and conflict or accidents when travelling.

Computers should be back in action along with our intellect. However, Saturn, now retrograde, returns to Scorpio, where it will stay until September. It’s likely that most of us will have to revisit an older, unresolved issue, from 2012-2014. Finally, Venus’ retrograde cycle has to be noted, which will unfold in Virgo and Leo. From now till spring, Venus will emphasize relationships.

Get Your Personal Monthly Horoscope for June 2015 at: http://thriveonnews.com/2015/06/01/june-monthly-horoscope/


Full Moon in Sagittarius

Monday and/or Tuesday – June 1 and/or 2, 2015


The moon represents our capacity to feel or empathize with those around us and within our own soul as well. It awakens our intuitive and emotional body.

When the moon’s in Sagittarius, we grow restless. The mood is exploratory, honest, tactless, restless, outdoorsy, philosophical, playful, international, freedom-loving, and optimistic. It’s time to drop the attitude and be real, to get moving and connect with the natural world.

Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2014

Graphic copiaBeneath the Power of the Moon, we sit in the Silence of Being and Hold the Light Our Souls Know so Well.

The full moon is on Tuesday June 2, 12:19 P.M.  This is commonly called the Strawberry Moon – This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June . . . so the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry!

Native Americans also referred to this as Moon of the Corn. Always the growth of corn, the first cultivated crop, marked a time when culture took a leap forward. Corn fields were the heart of early villages. This grain is symbolic of intelligence and versatility. The dried kernels can also be turned into jewelry and used in blessing rituals. Picking by moonlight is said to honor the crops.

How to Receive Your Requests

Many feel that the Full Moon is a time for asking for what you want. Yes, it is a good time to ask for what you need, not want, but it’s important to understand how to ask and receive.

There are ways to receive answers, but you have to be Patient. Oh no, there is that dreaded word-Patience. Patience is definitely a virtue. Today patience is greatly lacking in our world. Patience is part of faith.

  • Your feelings cannot be seen, yet they exist.
  • You have a soul,
  • But can you see it?
  • Can you photograph it?

Therefore it takes great faith to believe in a Divine Spirit that created you and does care about you.

When you pray and ask for something you do not have to do repetitions of the same request. The first time you pray it is heard.

What you need to do afterwards is thank God/Great Spirit/Divine Spirit/Creator for hearing your prayer and for answering it. Every day just keep thanking The Divine for answering your prayer. Once you develop the attitude of believing without seeing you will find that things start changing in your life for the better.

There will be moments where you can glimpse the power of The Divine. Often it is only moments. For some it can be longer. Those moments are given to you as a gift to keep your faith going.

Clean Out Your Life

With it being Mercury Retrograde this is a perfect time to clean out your life. Many people believe that whenever there is a Mercury Retrograde that you should not do anything and wait till it passes.  Well in the real world that just doesn’t work.  Life goes on!  So let’s remember the gifts that this period brings and trust that this is a good time of reflection and revising your journey in life. In the grand flow of life, these inward moving energies are conducive for fine tuning and helping to bring greater clarity, awareness, and focus

Start With:

  • Cleansing Your Spirit
  • Clean out closets and drawers
  • Clean off the clutter around your sleeping area
  • Clean out old papers and receipts

You can take your time and do this cleaning over the next few weeks. It will benefit you enormously on your spiritual path.

I feel that all full moons are a special time for us to connect to the Great Spirit as well as the moon. Remember this is a time of fruition and an excellent time to get a Spiritual Reading for guidance over the next month.

“The full moon is a time to rock and roll, to push boundaries, to dive headfirst into the embers, the surf, the divine.” ~ Author Unknown

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


Cleansing Your Spirit Essential Oil Recipe

Add the following essential oils to 1 ounce of carrier oil:

15 drops Cypress

15 drops Lemon

15 drops Peppermint

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed.

This recipe is best used in the bath (8 – 10 drops).


Venus enters Leo – Friday, June 5th

1 Planet VenusLeo

Venus is our recognition of love, art, and beauty. Venus is harmony in its expressed form, as well as compassion, bliss, and acceptance.

Leo characteristics: Generous, idealistic, stubborn, expansive and creative, your challenge is to see the beauty in others, learn to listen and to share the limelight.

Venus and Mars run close together through the spring, and again in the fall, bringing more love (of person, work, or deity) and the longing for more love; let’s not take relationships for granted this year, but enrich the ones we want to keep. Gender equity issues press, and we can make progresses.
Venus Oil Recipe
Add the following essential oils to 1 ounce sweet almond oil:
15 drops – Bergamot
15 drops – Myrrh
15 drops – Palmarosa
Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.
Place 8 to 10 drops in bath; Wear 4 to 8 drops as a body perfume, Use 3 to 5 drops in a bowl of water for an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.
Tuesday, June 9th
Waning half moon in Pisces — When the Moon’s in Pisces, we feel everything. The mood is sensitive, intuitive, permeable, subjective, and imaginative; energy may be low and feelings close to the surface. It is time to be gentle with oneself and others, and put the creative sensitivity to good use. Water both plants and souls, swim in dreamtime.
Pisces Essential Oil Recipe
Add the following essential oils to 1 ounce carrier oil:
15 drops Jasmine
15 drops Patchouli
15 drops Sandalwood
Swirl gently, until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.
Use 8 to 10 drops in bath; Wear 4 to 8 drops as a body perfume, Place 3 to 5 drops, added to water, in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.
Thursday, June 11th
Mercury in Gemini Goes Direct
: communication, travel, thought.
Gemini characteristics: you can talk to anybody; your adaptability, nervous energy, mental sparkle, ingenuity, and sense of humor get the word out and help us understand one another. Your challenge is to know your own mind and soul.`
Direct (D) or Retrograde (R): These are times when a planet moves forward (D) or backward (R) through the signs of the zodiac (an optical illusion, as when a moving train passes a slower train that appears to be going backward). 
When a planet is in direct motion, planetary energies are more straightforward; in retrograde, planetary energies turn back in on themselves and are more involuted. 


Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio goes direct June 14th – September 17thScorpioSaturn: limits, structure, and discipline

Scorpio Characteristics: Perceptive, Focused where you’re interested, but can hyper-focus and miss what’s just beyond. You play your cards close to your chest and understand much that is mysterious to others. Your challenge is to see life’s gifts as clearly as the problem.

Heather Roan Robbins @ Mother Tongue Ink 2013

new moon june

New Moon in Gemini

The June new moon is in Gemini on the 17th, allowing us to go over things we may think we have already learnt, preparing us for major changes. Not only within ourselves but also on a global scale. Change is in the Gemini air, situations and circumstances which have proved difficult to overcome will suddenly come easier after this new moon.

The June new moon asks us to prepare for personal and global re-thinking. To finally put to rest false truths about ourselves and world events and to pursue universal truth.

We all have our own truth, but is it in line with the universal truth ? Are we in the natural flow of the universe. Is there anything else we can do to break down the walls of lies, ask yourself am I just kidding myself or is this the truth.

This Gemini new moon helps us to decipher just that, it reassures us we are following the path we chose for ourselves before entering earth. By the time the full moon arises in July we should all have a better understanding of our core soul mission and our earthly commitments.

New moon ritual June 2015, place a blue candle just outside your front door, light it as the new moon kicks in, this will assure the coming of the Gemini light. Bathe or shower several times during this period as the water of the Gemini moon will caress and heal us to further promote positive change. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

New Moon Essential Oil Recipe

Add the following drops of essential oils to 1 ounce of carrier oil:

15 drops Bergamot

15 drops Cypress

15 drops Lavender

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.

Place 8 to 10 drops in your bath; Wear 4 to 8 drops as a body perfume, Anoint Candles, Use 3 to 5 drops, added to water, in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, Or Oil Burner. 

Gemini 2


New Moon in Gemini – Tuesday, June 16th

New Moon in Gemini — When the Moon’s in Gemini, we need to talk it all out. The mood is funny, open-minded, nervous, versatile, restless, and good for multi-tasking, if not for concentration. Cross-pollinate, share information, edit, weed, network, just keep the heart engaged and avoid gossip. 

Gemini New Moon Power Colors June 16, 2015

Chatty, upbeat, fun filled, all part of the Summer’s new moon. Connecting, information, deals, travel and sales are all areas that will be highlighted as we go through the next month. A cheerful feeling comes along to help lift any heavy stuff we might encounter.
Power colors for today:
Silver, white, black red

For Wednesday: yellow, brown, green, gold, orange


Sun goes into Cancer, Sunday, June 21st


Sun in Cancer (June 21–July 22): Come home. Cardinal Water Cancer calls us to our chosen family, tribe, and homeland. Like the burgeoning summer plants, it’s time to nourish our roots, our temple, whatever feeds our soul and world. The mood is sensitive, deep, security-seeking, warmhearted; let’s bring objectivity.
If you’re born under the Cancer Sun, you’re an emotional leader; you can teach us to nourish ourselves and others, though you’ll need to learn self-care and to believe in your own enduring strength. Caring, creative, protective and self-protective, you swim best in the depths.
Summer Solstice esperancestonehenge.com.au 1
Summer Solstice — Longest Day of the Year — Beginning of Summer 
Laughter is powerful to our sisterhood. Laughter undermines arrogance, poisons fear, suspends grief, relieves worry. When we laugh, our next in-breath contains more hope. 
Let laughter call you from your cave. Join activists you admire. 
Leap more, dance more—Smile more, laugh more
Gravity is a habit that is hard to break.

On this the longest day of the yearThe solstice heralds the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21 2015 at 12:38 P.M. EDTSol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning “sun” + “to stand still.” As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky.

The summer solstice is a time to celebrate the ending of the waxing year and the beginning of the waning year, in preparation for the harvest to come. Midsummer is when all may absorb the Sun’s warming rays and it is a celebration of fertility, not only for humans, but also for crops, animals and all beings.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. While those in the Northern Hemisphere cover up with sunscreen, residents in the Southern Hemisphere will be wrapping up in their warm clothes in honor of the winter solstice — the shortest day of the year and official start of winter.

Stepping into sacred time is becoming more and more important to our success as spiritual entrepreneurs. Focus on what you want to accomplish over the next few months that will bring peace and happiness into your life.

Stay out of your head as much as possible. Be more of an observer of your thoughts than the thinker of them. Quiet your mind and spend time in nature reconnecting yourself. This is where summer can be a very healing time.

Every single line of energy we have in our bodies and light bodies is being opened, expanded and utilized right now – and some of these energy lines have never been opened up inside of us in this way before. So it can feel a little startling, disconcerting, even bring up anger or frustration. It can also make you feel euphoric, energized, and like your gifts are being magnified – because they are.

We are receiving yet another upgrade to our human and light systems. In other words, our cellular structure is being prepared very quickly, in time for this new energy that Summer Solstice and a number of other celestial events are bringing in. Our spirits are being more fully integrated with our bodies. For some of you it’s happening right now and for some, it will happen closer to or on or just after Summer Solstice.

You know how this whole year so far has been an acceleration of your release of all that does not serve you? Well, right now, it’s as if we’re being squeezed and internally shifted to facilitate the massive release of what remains that needs to leave us.

If ever there was a time to let go and allow… that time is now. The more you resist it, or live in your head about it, the harder it will feel. The more you can allow this energetic/spiritual/physical upgrade, the easier and more amazing you will experience your transformation and success.

The Summer Solstice is called Midsummer or Litha in some medieval and Craft traditions; and Alban Hefin or Alban Heruin in other Celtic and Druidic traditions. In the mythical cycle, this is the end of the reign of the Oak King, and the beginning of the Holly King’s rule.

Litha is a time of great magical power. All forms of Sun magic are going to be amplified, and especially effective for love, healing and prosperity. This is also a very good time to perform blessings for your pets and home.

May the children of Earth awaken, rise up, and be about healing and blessing we need to give one another, and for our holy Mother Earth, our home. In the way of our ancestors, we honor the Turning.

Early Celebrations

Awed by the great power of the sun, civilizations have for centuries celebrated the first day of summer otherwise known as the Summer Solstice, Midsummer (see Shakespeare), St. John’s Day, or Litha.

The Celts and Slavs celebrated the first day of summer with dancing and bonfires to help increase the sun’s energy. The Chinese marked the day by honoring Li, the Chinese Goddess of Light.

In ancient Egypt, the Solstice herald the New Year. In Ancient Egypt, the summer solstice preceded the appearance of the Sirius star, which the Egyptians believed was responsible for the annual flooding of the Nile that they relied upon for agriculture. Because of this, the Egyptian calendar was set so that the start of the year coincided with the appearance of Sirius, just after the solstice.

The ancient Chinese honored the Yin on the Solstice In ancient China, the summer solstice was the yin to the winter solstice’s yang—literally. Throughout the year, the Chinese believed, the powers of yin and yang waxed and waned in reverse proportion to each other. At the summer solstice, the influence of yang was at its height, but the celebration centered on the impending switch to yin. At the winter solstice, the opposite switch was honored.

Perhaps the most enduring modern ties with Summer Solstice were the Druids’ celebration of the day as the “wedding of Heaven and Earth”, resulting in the present day belief of a “lucky” wedding in June. Now we understand why June has traditionally been the most popular time of the year to be married.

Today, the day is still celebrated around the world – most notably in England at Stonehenge and Avebury, where thousands gather to welcome the sunrise on the Summer Solstice. Stonehenge is an ancient prehistoric site and has been a place of worship and celebration at the time of Summer Solstice since time immemorial.

Pagan spirit gatherings or festivals are also common in June, when groups assemble to light a sacred fire, and stay up all night to welcome the dawn.

Summer Solstice Fun Facts

  • Pagans called the Midsummer moon the “Honey Moon” for the mead made from fermented honey that was part of wedding ceremonies performed at the Summer Solstice.
  • Ancient Pagans celebrated Midsummer with bonfires, when couples would leap through the flames, believing their crops would grow as high as the couples were able to jump.
  • Midsummer was thought to be a time of magic, when evil spirits were said to appear. To thwart them, Pagans often wore protective garlands of herbs and flowers. One of the most powerful of them was a plant called ‘chase-devil’, which is known today as St. John’s Wort and still used by modern herbalists as a mood stabilizer.

“Whatever is dreamed on this night, will come to pass.” ~ William Shakespeare

Now is the perfect time to connect to the Earth’s Energy. If you have wanted to make changes in your life is never too late to  create a new you !

Solstice Blessings,
Cherokee Billie


litha-blessings-to-allUse Essential Oils to bring the Solar Energy into your Life!

Summer Solstice Essential Oil Recipe

Blend the following essential oils into 1 ounce of carrier oil:

9 drops Lemon Balm

9 drops Sandalwood

9 drops Sweet Orange

9 drops Tangerine

9 drops Ylang Ylang

Swirl gently until all oils have been thoroughly mixed before each use.

Combine and use in whatever manner you see fit: Bath, Body Perfume, Anointing Candles, Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.

Orange and tangerine oils connect to prosperity, happiness, and solar energy. Ylang ylang brings in a little sultriness of the summer.  Sandalwood connects to spirituality and keeps the user grounded.  Lemon balm, magically linked to happiness, creates a sense of calm and well-being.

© Ariadne Woods



Mars enters Cancer and Waxing Half Moon in Libra Wednesday June 24th

Mars is our sense of “Get Up and GO!” It is the capacity to take action and do; it represents being in motion. It can also affect our temperament.

Mars enters Cancer on June 24th, and brings the conversation back to more intimate places, but also hones our defenses.
Cancer characteristics: You’re an emotional leader; you can teach us to nourish ourselves and others, though you’ll need to learn self-care and to believe in your own enduring strength. Caring, creative, protective and self-protective, you swim best in the depths.
Mars is a fire starter, igniting outrageous acts of individual and communal brilliance . . .
Limpias: Tools for Energetic Cleansing
How is it done? Plant limpias are performed by sweeping the body from head to foot with a sprig, a branch or even a bundle of chosen herbs. Many aromatic herbs make excellent limpias. Rosemary, basil and rue, tarragon and parsley are common herbs used to sweep the body of accumulated invisible energy. Especially in these extreme times, when so many people are anxious, dirty energy from the world around you can clog your whole system—body, mind, and emotions. Like changing the oil in your car, frequent maintenance can keep your energetic field humming and bright.
A Walk on the Wild Side
I see my grandmother and her neighbors bent over at the waist, leaning, digging, gathering dandelion leaf, flower, seed and root—all in season, for food, medicine and fun—all as a matter of course. 
Grandmother gathered it all from her back yard. Wildcrafting is as old as the hills you pick those berries from, and a joy to partake in.
We can cultivate what we want in pots on the windowsill, or in what grandmother called a kitchen garden, a small plot just off the back stoop. We can share what we grow with neighbors and friends. 
excerpt Sue Burns © Mother Tongue Ink 2014

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in healing work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Healing Work’ in the subject line.
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in magickal work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Magical Work’ in the subject line.
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in spiritual work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Spiritual Work’ in the subject line.

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