February 2015 Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and Herbs

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February 2015 Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and Herbs


February’s full moon falls on the 3rd.  Snow piles even higher in February, giving this moon its most common name.

February 3rd full moon is also known as the Snow Moon, Ice Moon, Hunger Moon, and Cleansing Moon. Native American tribes of the north and the east called it the snow moon as it use to be the time that the greatest amount of snowfall came. The name Hunger moon refers to the difficulty to gather food this time of year. The Celts called it the Moon of Ice.

The snow moon represents the coming of spring. It’s the time when the seeds start stirring to life under the cold ground. The farmers start planning crops for their gardens. The animals will start to feel their young in their bellies as they are readying for their spring births. The long sleepy winter is finally ending and the earth is in its early awakening to the longer days in the warmth of the sun.

Correspondences for the full snow Moon

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Jasper

Deitie: Aphrodite, Juno, Kwan Yin, Persephone and Mars.

Colors: blue purple and violet.

Herbs: hyssop, sage, myrrh and spikenard.

Flowers: Primrose

Scents: Wisteria, Heliotrope

Trees: Rowan, Laurel, Cedar

Animals: Otter, Unicorn

Birds: Eagle, Chickadee

Your work on the full moon should focus on new beginnings of your dreams and goals for this year. It’s a night of purification.  Work to realize where you past mistakes may have been, forgive and love yourself, and plan for your future. Consider making a dream/vision board for tonight.  Find a blank piece of paper or cardboard then spend some time cutting pictures out of magazines representing your dreams/visions for your future.  Ask the Creator for blessings for all on this planet tonight.

Full moon blessings,
Cherokee Billie



Snow Moon Oil Recipe

Blend the following essential oils into 1 ounce of your favorite carrier oil:

9 drops Heliotrope

9 drops Hyssop

9 drops Myrrh

9 drops Sage

9 drops Spikenard

Swirl to make sure all oils are well blended before each use.

Use this blend in the bath, 8 to 10 drops, wear as a body perfume, 4 to 8 drops, and/or use in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.


Moon in Scorpio – Monday through Thursday

February 9th – 12th, 2015

Waning Half Moon in Scorpio – Wednesday, February 11th, 2015


When the moon is in Scorpio, we get focused. The mood broods, deepens, and grows a sultry, investigative, introspective edge. We lose patience with inessentials and are suspicious of inauthenticity; we may deal with primordial feelings, and need boundaries respected.

Heather Roan Robbins @ Mother Tongue Ink 2013 excerpted from We’Moon 2015 p. 17

When the moon is in Scorpio, we have a need to go deep within ourselves and release unneeded feelings. Meditation is a great way of doing this. Following is a recipe for Meditation Oil.

Blend the following essential oils to 1 ounce of carrier oil:

15 drops Chamomile

15 drops Lavender

15 drops Sandalwood

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.

Place 8 to 10 drops in your bath, Wear 4 to 8 drops as a body perfume, and/or put 3 to 5 drops, added to water, in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.

This blend, also, makes an excellent massage oil to help smooth away unneeded feelings.

Visit: https://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/aromatherapy-tip-of-the-day-december-11-2013/

to learn more about meditation.

Energy Flow Report February 10-15, 2015 Mercury Retrograde Warning

We are at the end of the “Mercury on the Fritz” month. These next few days will be full of challenges big and small. From not being able to hold onto things to having depth perception issues to misreading or mistyping everything, accidents, mistakes and retakes will be in order.

Especially for the next two days, we will be finding and uncovering all sorts of information that will have us revisiting things from the past, near and far. The only things we can do is be very careful and look, check and ask three of four times.

There are a few lucky a good feeling energy waves that are helping to soothe us even in the midst of so much aggravation. If you have money luck now is time to buy that lotto ticket…again. If your luck is in being at the right place or finding resources for free, now it the time to ask.

Valentine’s day will feel loving and romantic. Make the most of it by spending it with those you love most. And this does not just go for romantic love, but also those others in our life that are important and have our whole heart in theirs. We can celebrate all loving relationships with this holiday.

Tuesday and Wednesday are good for research and uncovering information needed to get things right. Mysteries may come up and we will be good at solving them, although we will be going over old information to do it.

Thursday through most of Saturday has a fun, generous and inclusive feel that will have many of us sharing our Valentine’s Day with more than just one person.

As we move to Sunday, we get into a more responsible, building type mode which will have us looking at projects that have been on hold for several reasons. It is not quite time to being acting, but prep on paper and ideas can be done now. Laying foundations is a great thing to do with this time.

We are in the last days of the lunar year. Coming up next week is the Lunar New Year, bring us the Year of the Ram/Goat. Think about the traits unique to the goat and you will get an idea of the energy that will be a part of this coming year. Also…this new moon welcomes the new growing season! It will be time to start seeds indoors next week!!!! Happy Spring!


Gardening www.diylife.com 1

Power Colors Week of February 10-15, 2015

Tuesday Feb.10: Black, Silver, White, Red

Wednesday Feb. 11: Brown, Gold, Yellow, Green, Orange

Thursday Feb. 12: Burgundy, White, Turquoise, Purple

Friday Feb. 13: Pink, Orange, White, Rose, Red

Saturday Feb. 14: Brown, Silver, Black, Blue

Sunday Feb. 15: Gold, Orange, Yellow, White


Power Essential Oils Week of February 10-15, 2015

Tuesday Feb. 10: Sage

Wednesday Feb. 11: Orange

Thursday Feb. 12: White Thyme

Friday Feb. 13: Rose

Saturday Feb. 14: Patchouli

Sunday Feb. 15: Lemon

Visit: https://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com/aromatherapy-information-about/spiritual-and-magical-properties-of-essential-oils/ to learn the properties of the above Essential Oils.


Lunar News for Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Pisces

The year of the Sheep begins on [the Second New Moon of the Year] February 18. Sheep correlates to the Western sign Cancer, the sign of the mother and the nurturer the rules the 4th house in Astrology. Intimacy, family, and close friendships are of great value. We can be more caring, kind, and sensitive with each other. Develop a wild heart, open to love and acceptance on all levels. Another theme of this sheep year is to express your creative side, wildly. Now is the time for art, creativity, and cultivation of beauty. Do not give up or be discouraged, because sheep can only move forward! This animal is unable to move backwards or sideways.

Susan Levitt @ Mother Tongue Ink 2014, excerpted from We’Moon 2015 p. 19

year of the sheep

Essential Oil Recipe for Creativity

Add the following essential oils to 1 ounce carrier oil:

15 drops Peppermint

15 drops Rosemary

15 drops Sandalwood

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.

This blend can be used in the bath, 8 to 10 drops, worn as a body perfume, 4 to 8 drops, and/or in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Lamp, 3 to 5 drops added to water.


Power Colors for Week of February 17-22, 2015 Lunar New Year 

Tuesday Feb. 17: Black, Red, White, Silver

Wednesday Feb. 18: Gold, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green

Thursday Feb. 19: White, Turquoise, Burgundy, Purple

Friday Feb. 20: Purple, Orange, White, Pink, Red

Saturday Feb. 21: Black, Silver, Blue, Brown

Sunday Feb. 22: Orange, White, Gold, Yellow


Power Essential Oils Week of February 17-22, 2015

Tuesday, Feb. 17: Sandalwood

Wednesday, Feb. 18: Rosemary

Thursday, Feb. 19: Peppermint

Friday, Feb. 20: Rose

Saturday, Feb. 21: Frankincense

Sunday, Feb. 22: Lemon

Aquarius Sun and Moon

New Moon In Aquarius February 18, 2015

The New Moon occurs at 23:47 (UT) on the 18th February 2015 at 29°Aq59′.

This New Moon, teetering on the very edge of Aquarius, just 10 seconds away from plunging into Pisces. It feels like this is a Moon placed on the edge of time. I imagine my arms flailing, high up on a cliff face, over the ocean – the camera slipping to slow motion. Will I fall?

The tension is palpable. The New Moon sits on the midpoint between Uranus and Pluto. Uranus, ruler of this New Moon is already stressed in an ever-tightening square to Pluto. Old ruler Saturn is square the New Moon so there is no relief there. Neptune is widely conjunct the New Moon, like a hazy veil over an already murky mix of planets and to top it all off, the New Moon is conjunct Nessus. It’s like being caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea – or an advancing adversary and only the cliff edge behind you. Neptune entices you to escape. Maybe you want to pretend it isn’t happening. It may feel like there’s no relief, no release, unforgiving…

Nessus has a bad reputation in mythology. In astrology he can indicate where there are issues of abuse. He is abused and abuser, vengeance and retribution. He can show where we want something so desperately, we are willing to go against all rational. He can indicate something that we feel was taken from us and also where we seek to reclaim what was lost. Melanie Reinhart suggests the key phrase ‘the buck stops here’. What this means is that there’s no one left to blame, no one else to take responsibility. The blessing and the curse is that the power lies in your hands…

Sometimes, when we fight and fight, it’s exhausting. If only this hadn’t have happened, then I would have this. If only they hadn’t have done that, I would feel better/happier/richer/healthier.

Aquarius, the sign of society includes friends, groups and networks. It is also humanity as a whole. Aquarius shows how we can all get along despite our differences. But the only way we can get along is to step back, change perspective and choose to change our own response. As soon as we start pointing the finger, we start to separate ‘them’ from ‘us’.  It’s about reclaiming our power from within. Nessus wanted power. He obsessed over it. He wanted the wife of Hercules and took her forcefully. He was killed for it but still managed to take his revenge. He didn’t learn the lesson. The only true power lies within.

This Moon reminds us that the line between one sign and another, the line between one person and another, is a man made concept. Clearly, there is no division. Yet here, as Aquarius takes its last gasp of breath, its energy becomes more animated. The last degree of any sign is where the energy is unstable, caught in the last burst of light before the end, it displays itself in all its glory. The danger with this Moon is that there can be a tendency to dig your heels in. Maybe you are locked in a dispute with another or maybe it’s an internal battle. Maybe you want to wildly rebel or make a point just to prove you are you and they, who ‘they’ are, have no power over you.

But the square to Saturn reminds you that these are growing pains – like the emotional displays of a teenager as they slip from child to adult. It’s all about perspective. As I write, I get a flash of one of those amazing 3D pavement drawings. Seen from one angle, it may seem like you’re about to fall into a giant crevasse or you’re walking on a type rope. From a completely different angle, it’s just a flat drawing, no danger, no fear. With squares and semi-squares and an Aquarius edge, it’s all about the angles. It’s the way you look at things. As you get older, your perspective changes. Over time you hear different opinions, read different things, gather new information. Maybe flashes of insight change your thinking.

This Moon challenges you to find the blurred lines in your own life. It asks you to look at where you point the finger, where you blame, where you deny your own power, where you project it onto someone or something else. This Moon, offers you the chance to grow, to change, to express your own personal power with grace.

The end of the journey of Aquarius is recognizing that we are all one, there is no divide, no barriers, no difference. To get along, we have to trust one another, to accept one another, to love one another unconditionally. There is no taking, no giving – it’s just one endless round of energy.

Perhaps Neptune has a message for us. Whispering nearby he says, Can you let it go?

By Leah Whitehorse

⊱웃⊰  Questions for the New Moon ⊱웃⊰


  • Where do you feel different from others?
  • Which groups do you identify with?
  • Which parts of society do you feel different from?
  • Where has power been abused in your life?
  • Is there anything you obsess about?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What makes you the same as everyone else?
  • What flashes of insight have you had recently?
  • Where might a change of perspective help you?


Neptune was the god of clouds and rain. Later, he became the god of fresh water, and finally, the god of the sea. It is Neptune who unleashes storms, representing the passions of the soul, particularly in his most extreme role as a destroyer.

Neptune Oil should be used daily. Apply the oil in a circle around the waistline of the body. This will serve to calm the turbulence of upheavals in life, particularly when upheavals are caused by unleashes passion or rage.

Neptune Oil Recipe

Add the following essential and fragrance oils to 1 ounce carrier oil:

15 drops Lavender

15 drops Lily of the Valley

15 drops Magnolia

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use. Use as directed above.

Power Colors for February 24-March 1, 2015

Tuesday Feb. 24: Black, Silver, White, Red

Wednesday Feb. 25: Green, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Brown

Thursday Feb. 26: Turquoise, Burgundy, Purple, White

Friday Feb. 27: White, Purple, Orange, Rose

Saturday Feb. 28: Brown, Gray, Blue, Black

Sunday Mar. 1: Yellow, Gold, Orange, White


Power Essential Oils for February 24-March 1, 2015

Tuesday Feb. 24: Cinnamon

Wednesday Feb. 25: Basil

Thursday Feb. 26: Ginger

Friday Feb. 27: Rose

Saturday Feb. 28: Black Pepper

Sunday Mar. 1: Sandalwood


We’Moon Lunar News

Mars and Venus in Aries – February 19th through March 16th, 2015

Waxing Half Moon in Gemini – Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mars and Venus rush together into passionate Aries February 19th – March 16th, increasing our desire-nature, lowering impulse control, and adding spark and willfulness to all we do. Mars trines Saturn on February 25th, and Jupiter trines Uranus on March 3rd – if we take conscious control, we can harness our willpower to accomplish great changes. Our thinking may be radically brilliant, but we have to add the empathy.

Heather Roan Robbins @ Mother Tongue Ink 2014, excerpted from We’Moon 2015 p. 21


Mars Oil Recipe

Add the following essential oils to 1 ounce carrier oil:

21 drops Basil

21 drops Ginger

3 drops Black Pepper

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.

Add 8 to 10 drops to your bath, Wear 4 to 8 drops as a body perfume, and/or place 3 to 5 drops to water in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.

This blend will bring you passion, physical power, and open you to the influences of Mars.

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in healing work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Healing Work’ in the subject line.
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in magickal work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Magical Work’ in the subject line.
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in spiritual work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Spiritual Work’ in the subject line.

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