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Small Stone – Day 28

Fresh pine scent,
Afternoon sun shining on branches,
slight breeze stirs the air,
Fresh pine scent.

Small Stone – Day 27

Capability of the craft,
Mistress of the gift,
Muses of the skill,
Pray my talent lift.

Small Stone – Day 26

Happy Birthday, Granny!

I am blessed to have you in my life;
your continuous, generous love.
We’ve been through a lot, you and I,
it binds our hearts like a glove.

You can mend my heart and mind
with your gentle touch or by
looking into my eyes. I remember
how we held each other, just to cry.

Our hearts are heavy and carry a lot
of grief. Our lives continued and
began to change. Our family scattered
and grew apart, but we remained hand in hand.

You taught me the wisdom of nature,
of plants, led me along the way
of my path. I will never forget.
Today I want to wish you, ‘Happy Birthday’.

Small Stone – Day 25

Yin and Yang,

Feminine and Masculine,

Negative and Positive,

Black and White,

Two opposite energies

Interconnected and interdependent

Dominant concepts of life.

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Small Stone – 24

Affection, excitement, inspiration, and joy,
Gaiety, love, pride, and tranquility,
Beautiful enchantment, gratification,
Blessed, lucky, complete serendipity.
Contentment, delight, gladness, and glee,
Hopefulness, playfulness, laughter, and mirth,
Pleasure, well-being, and peace of mind,
Every day bliss and ecstasy since your birth.

Small Stones – 23, angry, anxious,

bouts of crying.

Heartbreak, hurting, humble,

tired of trying.

Sick at heart, Sick at mind,

Sick at body. Computer crashing,

Vicious cycles, Calming down,

body, heart, mind thrashing.

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Small Stone – Day 22

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How are you getting on? small stone Day Twenty-Two

Satya writes: With today’s small stone, you have ten more to write until the end of the January challenge.

Just ten. How many have you written so far? Twenty-one

Have you enjoyed the writing? Have you enjoyed the noticing? Yes

Has noticing more brought some difficult realizations along with some extra beauty & joy? (I hope so…). Mostly extra beauty & joy.

Have the small stones had any side-effects on the rest of your life? Yes. They have made me more aware, looking for beauty & peace.

How has it been to post your small stones in the Facebook group or here? How has it been to keep them all in your notebook? I have loved writing the small stones and learning more about how to write them.

Will you continue? Yes

Small Stone – Day 22

Blue clouds, bright sun,

cold and windy,

the day has begun.

Birds at their feeders

in the barren trees,

Seagulls feed from the lake.

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