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Feng Shui – Pagoda

Feng Shui – Pagoda

Sacred relics are prized in Feng Shui, and handling them is a responsibility given to serious practitioners. A Relic Pagoda – a storage vessel for sacred relics – takes this up a notch. These containers embody the spiritual qualities of wisdom and compassion. They’re usually placed on an altar or in the home in front of an image of the Buddha. Add one to the center of your home for the ultimate blessings from this beloved deity. …


Feng Shui – Amber

Feng Shui – Amber

Amber isn’t technically a stone, but fossilized tree sap. It has a gorgeous array of warm colors from bright orange to golden honey. Known for removing energy blockages, it’s great for placing in areas with stagnant chi, such as a narrow hallway or a window facing a brick wall. Amber also strengthens the physical body and enhances altered states of consciousness, so it’s great for placing on an altar in the southwest area of your home to augment spiritual practices. …

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Feng Shui – Butterfly

Feng Shui – Butterfly

Every human seeks happiness and tries to avoid sad or painful experiences. One of the most beautiful Feng Shui cures for happiness, love, and romance is the Butterfly. This symbol of the transformative power of love often makes people feel like they’re floating on air. This creature also symbolizes the freedom to choose your path. Placing images of Butterflies in the northeast area of love and marriage helps love take flight, while using them in the east boosts creativity. …


Feng Shui – Yellow Snake

Feng Shui – Yellow Snake

Powerful and directed, the Yellow Snake is associated with the Earth Element and the center direction. This interesting animal traveling close to the ground also signifies receptivity to people and ideas and being sensible in any given situation. Placing an image of a Snake, or a Snake carving or sculpture in earth tones, in the center of your home helps keep your home stable and grounded. Since the Snake also symbolizes peace, having one around brings calm to your abode….


Feng Shui – Rest

Feng Shui – Rest

Rest is one of the toughest things to get on a regular basis. You’re probably overscheduled and racing from one task to the next, but Feng Shui can help create a more restful home and more relaxed you. The southwest corner of your home is associated with the Earth Element and rest. Placing accents of blue and green here, as well as images that inspire calm and peace, will help facilitate meditation and other restful pursuits. …


Feng Shui – Buddha

Feng Shui – Buddha

The Buddha is a symbol of calm abiding no matter where you live in the world. When you’re having trouble carving out time for yourself, doing yoga, relaxing, or even sitting in meditation, a statue of the Buddha can help. Adding one to the southwest corner helps you get in touch with inner knowledge, while placing a Buddha in the center of your home helps build unity among everyone there and connect you with larger universal energies. …


Feng Shui – Flame of Illumination

Feng Shui – Flame of Illumination

Most people spend their whole lives looking for that special purpose that makes them feel part of the larger Universe. If you’re seeking illumination in this area of your life, focus on the northern area of your home. Adding accents of red here can provide the flame of illumination, while adding fire in the form of bright colors, candles, or incense can light the fire of purpose and clarify what’s right for you. …


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