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Shadow Stalker, Part One, (Episodes 1 – 6) – Book Interview

Shadow Stalker 1-6 Kindle CoverShadow Stalker 1-6 Paperback Cover

Shadow Stalker, Part One (Episodes 1 – 6)

Book Interview

Why did the schools teach that the Galvadi Empire was founded on a peaceful, religious order?

It was the Coalition’s way of preventing paranoia and fear over the possibility of the Galvadi Empire invading and trying to indoctrinate people into their religion again.

What are the reconciliation centers?

According to the Galvadi they are places where people are cleansed of the influence of the delohi-saqu, who is supposedly able to get into people’s minds and control them without them knowing. In reality, they are places where people are taken to be tortured and brainwashed to believe what Drevin wants them to believe so he can control them.

How many Isles are on Serpent Isles?

There are a lot. The two largest ones are Appolia in the far north and Nadiria in the south. Then there are dozens of others that are about a third of the size of those two or smaller. Some of them are so small they’re either uninhabited or have very few people living on them. It was on those smaller islands where Kado hid with Auren when she was a baby.

Tell us about the deadly, poisonous, and venomous plants on the Dark Isle.

Most of the islands on that world have venomous plant life. The Serpent Isles is one of the very few exceptions. Humans are not indigenous to the world (as you will find out later in the series), so they’ve had to learn to adapt. So the plants on the Dark Isle are actually quite common (though different island chains have different plants).

The venom in the plants is used to either incapacitate or digest its victims (or in some cases both). They are actually a really important part of the ecosystem on that world because they keep down the populations of carnivorous animals, which are actually far worse than the plants when their numbers are out of control.

How do the Shadow Stalkers choose those who should mate?

They don’t. It’s the shadow people who choose mates for the shadow stalkers. The reason for this is because they can see beforehand what kind of children a couple will bring into the world. For regular humans, having a child who grows up to be a psychotic mass murderer is not really such a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But for a shadow stalker, with the powers they possess, it can be really dangerous. While their powers can be revoked when they break the code set out by the shadow people, their influence can still be strong enough to threaten the entire human population, as we’re seeing with Drevin.

The shadow people choose mates for the shadow stalkers based on what kind of children they will have. They created the shadow stalkers and have a specific purpose for them. So they only want children born who will fulfill that purpose.

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Addy’s Choice (Winchester Brothers Book 1) – Book Interview

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Addy’s Choice (Winchester Brothers Book 1) – Book Interview

Author, Nat Hobson

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Briefly explain the relationships of some of the characters in the book.

Briefly – now there’s a challenge!

Okay, so we have the Davies family; Simon and Veronica, who have four children; Sebastian, Dylan, Tyler, and Constance. They have adopted others along the way! Chris Martin is Sebastian’s best friend, and together they own Winchester Brothers (which started with a chain of restaurants). Lily-May Saunders is Dylan’s best friend, and was taken into the family one fateful night when she was only a child. That leaves brother and sister, Adrienne Baxter and James Colby. They were both adopted but lost their family when they were both teenagers – they have supported each other ever since. It’s difficult to explain the relationship with a limited number of words because all these characters interlink. Tyler Davies was one of the firefighters who saved Adrienne and James from a fire. It was this experience which cemented their friendship.

Tell us about Addy’s job as a radio personality.

Addy has a deep, smoky voice which earned her the reputation ‘Morning Glory!’ She is gregarious on air, larger than life and has a natural humour which draws her listeners in. She enjoys to banter, and to get people involved with the show. She comes alive behind the microphone and excels on the morning breakfast show.

What can you tell us about Sebastian without giving too much away?

Sebastian is confident, charismatic, and committed. He is a restaurateur, savvy businessman, and is accustomed to the limelight. He has a lighter side and, at the root, is a family man. That said, he has a competitive streak and goes after what he wants with a single-minded focus, inherited from his mother.

Until recently he lived a nomadic existence, intent on chasing the next big adventure. It wasn’t until he returned to Winchester that he realized how much he had missed his home.

Where does Lucy fit in?

That’s hard to say without giving away any spoilers, especially for those who haven’t yet read Addy’s Choice. Let’s just say she appears out of the blue, to mix things up! Lucy has had her share of heartache, and is desperate to make a connection to the only family she has left.

What are some of the things in life Addy is most scared of and how does she overcome her fears?

Addy has never really fit in. Not until she was a teenager and finally found a home – a home which was torn away from her. She found a new family when she began working at the radio station, Music 101, but her naivety and desire for connection, led her down the wrong path. It is these experiences which make it difficult for Addy to open her heart, to trust people. Her main fears are familiar – she is terrified of change, and of losing the people she cares about – of being hurt again. Fortunately, she has her brother, James; her best friend, Tyler, and Simon Davies – head of the station, and each are able to influence a change. She overcomes her fear by taking a leap of faith, risking everything because of the example set by those she holds dear.

Addy's Choice 2

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Sometimes the hardest thing about lowering our defenses is the fear of how far we might fall.

That fear had been Adrienne Baxter’s driving force most of her life. It was far easier to hide behind her radio personality, feeding from her audience, than to risk exposure.

She had James, her brother by choice if not by blood. It was enough – most of the time.

As the co-host of the early morning breakfast show at Music 101, Adrienne is the confident, sassy presenter with the silver tongue and fast-talking wit.

When she meets Sebastian Davies, the station owner’s son, her carefully applied façade begins to slip. He presents a new kind of danger, because this time she could lose her heart.

Heart of Fire BookJust Released – Heart of Fire Book 2

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Tyler Davies was eighteen when he met the fiery beast he would later battle on a regular basis. Seduced by the beauty of her flaming touch, he had looked right into the heart of the fire and known she had claimed him.

It was the second time he’d seen his future. The first was the day he met Lilly-May Saunders, a girl who burned so bright he was blind to anyone else. If it hadn’t been for her friendship with his brother, a relationship he didn’t truly understand, he would have confessed his feelings. But when his friend dies in the line of duty, and Tyler discovers the truth behind the accident, everything changes. Those he loves are in danger, and the one who owns his heart is at the top of the list.

Author Bio.:

Nat Hobson is a pseudonym of Melissa Barker-Simpson. Publishing under Nat, she concentrates on her passion for writing love stories, focusing on contemporary romance. Although there is an element of romance in all her novels, this is usually interwoven in tales of crime, fantasy or science fiction. By writing as Nat, this allows her to write everyday stories of love, and friendship for a specific audience.


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‘Pretty Things’ Book Interview

Pretty Thing Banner

The Grimm Chronicles

Pretty Things

A Robber Bridegroom Tale

Author, Christine Haggerty

Book Interview

What can you tell us about the main character, Maddie, without giving too much away?

Maddie is jealous of the attention her father has been giving her new stepmother, and she starts seeking attention from other boys.

Is Maddie’s stepmother a typical evil stepmother?

Maddie’s stepmother isn’t evil as much as she’s misunderstood by her stepdaughter. Joanna, the stepmother in the story, has quite a past of her own.

What is the “Evil Stepmother Syndrome”?

It’s mostly Maddie’s excuse for behaving the way she does. She blames every hardship in her life on the new woman in the house rather than being accountable for her own choices.

Why did Maddie’s father take her to the town square in a livestock wagon?

Maddie was naughty. 🙂

What is the significance of a house in the woods?

The house in the woods is part of the original fairy tale. It’s scary to get in there, and even scarier to get out.

Pretty Things Cover for The Grimm Chronicles

When Maddie’s father catches her with a boy, he hauls her into town in a pig wagon and finds her a husband. But Peter’s cabin in the woods promises something very different than Maddie’s happily ever after. 

Pretty Things, a retelling of “The Robber Bridegroom,” is the first novella in the Grimm Chronicles series. Warning: not your granny’s fairytales!

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Journey to Aviad – A Book Interview




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Journey to Aviad (Windrider Chronicles)

Author, Allison D. Reid

Book Interview

When did the idea for ‘Journey to Aviad’ first come to you?

      The idea came to me at a point when my life had just gone through some pretty significant changes. One of the things I had given up was the online roleplaying community that I had been a part of for many years. Morganne and Elowyn had come from that world. And while I did not regret leaving the game, the thought of abandoning them to oblivion was just too heartbreaking. So I thought it would be fun to preserve their lives some other way. The idea grew from a writing a single book, to creating an entire series. Their individual stories also changed and grew as I gave the plot more meaning and substance.


What can you tell us about the character creation of Elowyn? Morganne?

As game characters, Morganne was my seamstress who stayed well behind the fighting lines and helped others. Elowyn was initially designed to be my fighter so I could go out with my friends and not worry about getting Morganne killed. But Elowyn’s character quickly grew on me and I ended up protecting her just as fiercely. At some point I just had to fully embrace my role as a peaceful player, and I became above all else, a storyteller. As both characters developed beyond their initial purposes, I discovered within them different parts of my inner self. Morganne is studious, reflective, and focused. She demands a lot from herself, and doesn’t like to ask others for help. Her upbringing has placed a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. That has had a profound effect on the way she sees herself and the world around her. Even when her situation changes and she gains her freedom, there is an inner loneliness about her independence that remains with her into adulthood. Elowyn is more of a free spirit. She is highly sensitive, empathetic, and observant; easily awed by beauty, but equally horrified by the suffering of others. She seeks solitude in the wilderness without ever feeling alone. Whereas Morganne’s faith is more intellectual, Elowyn is readily moved by the Spirit.


Tell us about the Shadow Wood.

      The Shadow Wood is a dark, tangled place that only the bravest dare to enter. Elowyn watched many groups of bold warriors head into that region, but saw very few come out again. More about the Shadow Wood and its origins will be revealed in the next book, so to say any more would just be a spoiler.

Who is Alazoth?

Alazoth could be considered a highest level demon, a right hand man to the Shadow. He represents destruction (both physical and moral), chaos, and suffering. For a long time, he was banished from the earth, his powers restrained. But somehow he has been released into the world again (readers will find out how in the second book). Alazoth is an imposing figure in the series, cloaked in terrifying mystery as those who believe he has returned try desperately to warn the cynics who no longer believe in his existence.

What were the happenings that made Elowyn and Morganne go on a journey?


Many different things led to their decision to leave Tyroc, and to mention them all here would spoil the book for those who have not yet read it. But the simple version is that their world was changing. Political intrigue, long forgotten legends becoming real, and changes in family dynamics all culminated in the girls taking the most important journey of their lives.




Tell us about the relationship between Elowyn and Aviad.

Elowyn is young and her faith is simple. A lover of the natural world, she relates to Aviad as the Creator. She sees His hand in the beauty surrounding her, and hears His voice in the quiet of the woodlands. As the book progresses, she begins to expand her understanding of who Aviad is, deepening her relationship with Him, and her faith in His plan for her life.
What did the girls find when they arrived at the trading post?

Not what they expected! They had never known anyplace but Tyroc, the home of the Sovereign and the most significant city of that realm. The humble trading post gave them their first indication that the world beyond Tyroc’s walls was going to be very different from anything they had known before. 

Tell us about some of the people and places the girls encounter on their journey.


Their journey takes them far from the wealthy city of Tyroc to parts of the realm they had never given any thought to before, from other cities, to small farming villages, with many miles of wilderness in between. They make some very important connections with people who help them on their journey. But they also encounter unexpected dangers and harsh conditions that make them wonder if they will ever reach their final destination.



What is in the package for which the girls try to find a courier?

Heartfelt letters, from families to loved ones they had lost. But to understand their true significance, one must read the book.

In the end, you tell us that no journey begun by Aviad’s hand ever truly ends. When can we expect to hear more from Elowyn and Morganne’s journey?

Their tale continues in 2015!

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About the Author

Allison D. Reid was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Her love for medieval fantasy was sparked by the Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis, which fed both her imagination and her spiritual development. When at the age of thirteen her family moved to Germany, her passion for medieval history and legend only increased, and she found herself captivated by the ancient towns and castles of Europe. Allison returned to the United States to study art and writing at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.  She earned her B.A. under the tutelage of the well-renowned and prolific writer Andrew Salkey, a student of her other great inspiration, and the father of fantasy, J. R. R. Tolkien. After graduating from Hampshire College, Allison moved to Connecticut.  There she got the opportunity to attend seminary and further explore her faith before returning to her home state of Ohio. Allison now lives in the Miami Valley area with her husband and children. She continues to work on her first published series while taking care of her family, editing for other independent writers, and managing a home business.

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Demon Hunt Book Interview



DEMON HUNT (A Shadow Stalker Prequel)

Renee Scattergood


Book Interview

D.B. Mauldin


  • Auren looks forward to her summer camping trips with her foster father, Kado. What is different about the camping trip the two take in Demon Hunt?

Usually things run pretty smoothly, but in Demon Hunt, Auren accidentally releases a demon into the world. The demons are guardians of the shadow world, and because of this, they are very territorial. They don’t see a difference between being in the shadow world and being in the real world. Basically, if they can see it, they will defend it from invaders (anyone who is alive and not a shadow person). The thing that makes it more difficult is that they are not mindless beasts. They are intelligent problem solvers and know when they are being hunted. So they are not easy to capture if they get away. Auren and Kado have to try and find the demon and send it back to the shadow world before it can cause too much destruction.

  • What compelled you to write a Prequel to your Shadow Stalker Series?

I wanted to write something for the New Year that I could give away to my readers as a thank you for reading. I had briefly mentioned in the first episode that Auren and Kado had taken a trip to Luten Isle the previous year, and Auren wanted to share some of that experience with her friends, which was why they had decided on Luten Isle as their graduation celebration camping trip. I thought it would be fun to write about what Auren experienced during that particular trip.

  • Kado surprises Auren with a few facts about her life. Can you tell us about these surprises?

Well, she learns that she is a shadow stalker, which is a shock to her because most people believe that the shadow stalkers were all killed during the first war with the Galvadi Empire. She also learns that she is the delohi-saqu, one of the prophecy. Drevin, the emperor of the Galvadi, believes she is destined to enslave the people of the Serpent Isles and has decided the only way to stop her from doing so is to kill her. Learning that someone is determined to end your life would be a sobering experience for anyone. 

  • How is Auren a Shadow Stalker?

People are born shadow stalkers. It’s not something you can just become. The shadow stalkers were created by the shadow people for a specific purpose (which has not yet been disclosed, but will be later in the Shadow Stalker series). Auren is a shadow stalker because both of her parents were shadow stalkers.

  • Training for a Shadow Stalker is intense. Can you tell us why?

The shadow stalkers’ power is derived from the shadow world, which is essentially the world of the dead. The shadow world is a very dangerous place for the living. First, there is the demons who guard the shadow world from intruders. Plus, humans were not meant to be there, so the more connected you become, the closer you get to your own death. As time goes on, it gets harder and harder for a shadow stalker to maintain their foot in the physical world, so to speak. It takes a lot of training to be able to deal with the demons and not become trapped within the shadow world.

  • Please explain the veil.

The veil is the intangible gateway between the shadow world and the physical world. It exists everywhere; there’s no set entry or exit point. It’s sometimes referred to as going into the mist because that’s how it appears to someone watching another enter the shadow world. Only shadow stalkers have the ability to actually see (other than seeing a shadow stalker disappear into the mist) or access the veil.  

  • Who are the Shadow People?

There are three different types of shadow people. The first are the demons, the guardians. The second are the spirits of humans. Even the spirits of living people dwell in the shadow world, but they don’t know they’re there. The third are the spirits of animals, who naturally dwell in the shadow world as well as the physical world, just as the shadow stalkers do and they can do it without risk to themselves.

  • Kado and Auren have to live in secret from the Galvadi Empire. Tell us some ways they accomplish this.

There are very few people within the Coalition that know the shadow stalkers still exist. Most people believe they are all dead. Although they had been known for their darker skin, there are people who originate from the southern islands who have dark skin. So even though they stand out in Appolia, which is in the far north with fair skinned and light haired people, no one would really think there was anything odd about them because of the differences in their appearance. The shadow stalkers on the Dark Isle do not know that Kado is fostering a child, and they believe that Zain and Frai’s child died, so they don’t know of her existence. Also, those on Appolia who know Kado is a shadow stalker don’t think anything odd of Kado having a foster child because they’re aware that it is common practice with the shadow stalkers. Kado is the only one who has contact with the shadow stalkers on the Dark Isle and has been acting as a liaison. So he can control who knows what.

  • Tell us a bit of what happens when Auren is practicing ‘calling the veil’ 

Essentially, calling the veil is how the shadow stalkers access the shadow world. The first part of being able to work within the shadow world is being able to see or “call” the veil. The veil is always there, so it’s a matter of teaching your mind to sense it and visualize it.

Auren is simply attuning herself to the veil so she can easily recognize it in the future, but it takes a lot of practice. Once it’s mastered, a shadow stalker can call the veil and access the shadow world in less than a second.

  • The cover of Demon Hunt is different to the covers of the Shadow Stalker Series. Did you use the same designer?

No, it was a different designer. A friend of mine volunteered to do the cover for Part 1 of the Shadow Stalker series, which is Episodes 1 – 6. She is also doing the cover for Part 2, Episodes 7 – 12. The cover for Demon Hunt was designed by Kathryn Jenkins at DKC. 

Demon HuntSynopsis and Blurb

Auren longs for adventure and a break from her tedious life on Appolia. It’s the start of summer, and she is looking forward to her yearly camping trip with her foster father, Kado. She believes these trips are for fun, but when they arrive on Luten Isle, Kado informs her that she is a shadow stalker, and she is in training.

One morning, Auren decides to take her training into her own hands. She only means to practice seeing the veil to the shadow world, the world of the shadow people and the source of their power. Instead, she opens the veil releasing a demon, a guardian of the shadow world, into the physical world.

With the deadly beast loose, she and Kado don’t have long to hunt it down and return it to where it belongs, or many innocent people could die.

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Renee ScattergoodBIO:

Renee Scattergood lives in Australia with her husband, Nathan, and daughter, Taiya. She was inspired to become a story-teller by George Lucas, but didn’t start considering writing down her stories until she reached her late twenties. Now she enjoys writing high fantasy, and has recently began publishing her first series, Shadow Stalker. Aside from writing, she loves reading (Fantasy, of course), watching movies with her family, and doing crafts and science experiments with her daughter.


Renee Writes:

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GodMode Book Interview


Time’s Tempest – A Book Interview

Time's Tempest - 3D Cover


The Chronicles of Xannia, Part One

By: M. J. Moores

Book Interview

1. Can you tell us a bit about your newest release, Time’s Tempest, and how The Chronicles of Xannia are different, and similar, to the Lost Chapter series? 

First off, The Lost Chapters are a part of The Chronicles of Xannia. Effectively the Lost Chapters are a collection of short stories that take place before the action of the book Time’s Tempest. These lost chapters are stories that have been mentioned in passing that deal with a time in either Taya or Dezmind’s past that influence who they have become when we meet them in the main book. It’s not necessary to have read the Lost Chapters in order to understand Time’s Tempest, they are simply meant as added enjoyment to the tale.

2. What can you tell us about the main character, Taya, and her best friend, Zaith?

Taya is a bit of an anomaly. What I mean by that is there really is no one quite like her. She’s fierce, determined, tenacious, stubborn and a bit bitchy when she doesn’t get her own way. On the other hand, she’s loyal, has a huge heart and can’t stand when innocent people get hurt. She is a Contractor with the Training Facility directly linked to the Kronik. Taya met her best friend Zaith on the first non-probationary assignment she was allowed to choose as a Contractor. Zaith’s a top reporter for National News Now, a title due in part by her own tenacity and stubbornness but also in part due to Taya’s help breaking an important story during their first assignment together. Zaith not only challenges Taya’s beliefs (in a good way) but tries her patience as well – she tends to be late and is a massive girly-girl to Taya’s tom-boy tendencies. They work like yin and yang.

3. Please explain ‘verrin’ and ‘coliths’.  

Coliths are the tattoo-like markings which cover all Xannians. They are s-shaped and cover the body randomly, like freckles. Some people have a lot, like red-heads here on earth and some people have a few but no one is without them. Generally there are less of them on the face and palms but there’s always an exception to the rule. There is a different colour of colitsh to represent each of the races of Xannia (along with various refractive skin-tones…think of the way a bronzed beach-body looks with tanning lotion almost totally absorbed into the skin). Only the elite race of the Talian’s have hollow coliths. Everyone else’s are solid or coloured-in.

Verrin is to the people of Xannia as Water is to Humans; without it they will die. There is water on the planet Xannia and it serves its purpose in the cosmic chain of life but when it all comes down to it, the thick orangey-pink liquid verrin tops everything.

4. What can you tell us about the Contractor Training Facility – CTF, the ‘Spoken Truth’ concept, and the mission of ‘A Guide into the Deserts’?

The CTF is an elite facility operated by a distant branch of the government. The Contractors they train are of the fastest, strongest, and brightest among the general population. They are respected and revered just as a Supreme Court judge or navy seal might be. The only difference is that they are contracted to do any number of long-term or temporary jobs required in the generalpopulous – it’s a glorified temp agency, lol! But they’re the best of the best.

The Spoken Truth is a relatively new movement based on the idea that the past can inform the present about the future. Think Nostradamus. Different Speakers who have studied, reviewed, or researched oldXannian documents make connection with what is presented in those pages to what is or is likely to happen now. These Speakersthen hold public Rallies to spread the word and ultimately try to convince the citizenry of some forgotten Truth and alter the course of destiny.

‘A Guide into the Deserts’ is a contracted job that becomes available in theCTF database of potential assignments. At first glance, it’s a joke job – no one would ever willingly accept it. The Deserts onXannia span a large portion of the equator and are known as a kind of Bermuda Triangle on this planet. Technology doesn’t work properly, if at all, out there so if cell phones existed you’d be screwed (what they have are watch-communicators that act very similarly to our existing cell phone technology). In addition to the fact that you wouldn’t be able to use a compass to know which way you were going or some kind of communicator to call for help, there are numerous creatures that inhabit the various Deserts, most of which are deadly. So the fact that a contract would come up requesting a trainedCTF agent to guide someone into this death zone, means that if the job isn’t a joke at the very least it’s a death sentence to think you could casually wander into the midst of this chaotic place and come back home in one piece.

5. Who are the ‘Kronik’ and who are the ‘Talians’? 

Talians are the only race on Xannia who can be a part of the Kronik – they run the known world. They live in a self-imposed exile of sorts behind large Compound walls near the sea. The only time a common citizen ever sees one in public, in person, is when something goes terribly wrong (like the Nine Seas Massacre) and there’s need of an infusion of confidence in those being ruled by those doing the ruling. Otherwise only those in the governing body of the Kronik are seen on the wire (a TV/radio device) and the rest of the Talians are not seen at all. They live as a separate society completely apart from the rest of the world.

The title “Kronik” has dual meaning: it represents both the man who leads the government (like the President) and the twelve Advisory Councilors who make up the governing body (the Parliament). The reason behind the interchangeability of the honorarium is that while the man has the final say, he would be nothing without his advisors and so they are literally an extension of the man.

6.  Tell us about the role ‘Jadis’ the pet lynx plays in the story.

Jadis is the perfect pet for Taya: she’s like a dog and a cat – loyal, cuddly, independent and yet reliant upon Taya. Jadis is the one outlet for Taya’s affection that can’t be taken from her or tainted in any way. Without Jadis I truly believe that Taya would be dangerous-crazy. Jadis is one of the few abandoned wild cats rescued each year who need a loving home to thrive in. Essentially, by Taya rescuing this lynx she is metaphorically rescuing herself – or trying to.

7. Can you tell us about the ‘Ancients’? 

The Ancients are the first Xannians who travelled out of the Deserts over 2000 years ago and into the fertile and lush lands present-day Xannian’s live in. They were forced to migrate from their city when the Deserts encroached on their land making it unlivable. Their beliefs became the foundation for all modern Xannia.

8. What background inspired the creation of The Chronicles of Xannia? 

I briefly mentioned Nostradamus above when describing the Spoken Truth. I’ve seen enough specials on the History Chanel and discussed his work in philosophy classes to know that interpretation is everything. The idea that one man’s writings can tell of future happenings always boggled my mind and I’ve never quite come to terms with how I feel about it. I wanted to explore my skepticism and contradictory need to believe in something almost mystical; Time’s Tempest became a vehicle for that.

9. What was the easiest and hardest part about writing Time’s Tempest?

The easiest part was the writing. The hardest part was finding the time to write, although revising the book from front to back three times in the span of a dozen or more years comes a close second. I’m a vomit on the page kind of gal; I like to set myself up with a horde of research and a solid structural plan and then just dive in and see where the waterslide takes me – and it’s always a fun ride (puke aside). Finding the time to write has always been a bane of mine. My studies came first, then getting a job, then keeping my job, and what began as this cool idea back in college lengthened into a marathon I was determined to finish but never could. Finally when my life seemed to balance itself out for a quince of years (before I decided to have a child), I found the time.

10. Are you happy with the direction Time’s Tempest is going?

Yes, most definitely. The version published today is 100 times better than the scrawlings I did as a naïve 18 year old. My craft and my understanding of life has grown to the point where I can now say with pride that I am an Author. Book two is fully outlined and 1/5th of the first draft is written as of the launch of book one. I have carved out time each week to devote to this story and it pains me every time I have to leave it again. I’m excited to know that book two will take less than a year to get to the same place it took book one to be in.

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