Shadow Stalker, Part One, (Episodes 1 – 6) – Book Interview

Shadow Stalker, Part One (Episodes 1 - 6) Book Interview Why did the schools teach that the Galvadi Empire was founded on a peaceful, religious order? It was the Coalition's way of preventing paranoia and fear over the possibility of the Galvadi Empire invading and trying to indoctrinate people into their religion again. What are... Continue Reading →


Addy’s Choice (Winchester Brothers Book 1) – Book Interview

Addy's Choice (Winchester Brothers Book 1) - Book Interview Author, Nat Hobson Join the Blitz at: Briefly explain the relationships of some of the characters in the book. Briefly - now there's a challenge! Okay, so we have the Davies family; Simon and Veronica, who have four children; Sebastian, Dylan, Tyler, and Constance. They... Continue Reading →

‘Pretty Things’ Book Interview

The Grimm Chronicles Pretty Things A Robber Bridegroom Tale Author, Christine Haggerty Book Interview What can you tell us about the main character, Maddie, without giving too much away? Maddie is jealous of the attention her father has been giving her new stepmother, and she starts seeking attention from other boys. Is Maddie’s stepmother a... Continue Reading →

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