The Dragon Tempest

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The Dragon Tempest: Tales of Fantasy & Adventure (DKC Contest Anthology Book 2)   

The Dragon Tempest offers a collection of short stories in a variety of fantasy genres, including dark, light, adventure, and epic. Creatures from all worlds abound: dragons, angels, centaurs, witches, gods and goddesses, and those lurking below the water’s surface. Whether you’re moved by tales of battle and bloodshed, suspense, humor, or enlightenment, The Dragon Tempest will leave you craving more from each author. Such a diversity of great fantasy tales to enjoy will leave no room for disappointment.

Allison D. Reid
KJ Hawkins
D.B. Mauldin
Joshua Robertson

1st Place Winners
Christine King
Katie Roxberry
Winter Bayne
Jane Dougherty
Wilson F. Engel, III

2nd Place Winners
Christine Haggerty
Randall Lemon
Deborah Jean Anderson
J. Abram Barneck
Louise Findlay

3rd Place Winners
Samuel Milner
Karen Brown

I am honored to have two short stories published in “The Dragon’s Tempest.”

Following is an excerpt from, “Queen of the Faeries”

The concert had been great. Aine and Dorrian made their way backstage to try to get a glimpse of the band members. Aine had fallen ‘head over heels in love with the band’s bass guitar player, Iarl Fitzgerald. Dorrian rolled her eyes at Aine. She was always falling ‘head over heels’ in love with somebody.

“There he is!” exclaimed Aine. She grabbed Dorrian’s arm and started leading her in Iarl’s direction.

As if he had heard her, Iarl looked up, right at Aine. Their eyes locked and Iarl walked toward Aine, meeting her halfway. Aine let go of Dorrian’s arm as she reached out to shake hands with Iarl.

“Hi! I am Aine. I just wanted to tell you that I love the way you play your bass guitar.”

Iarl smiled. Aine’s heart did a flip-flop; his smile made him even more gorgeous. He had a serious face, very cute, but serious. His shoulder-length, blonde curls framed his gorgeous face. His dark-green eyes were deep-set, giving him the overall appearance of a man who did not smile or laugh easily.

Still holding Aine’s hand in his, he turned and led them to his dressing room. There were other people bustling about and Dorrian joined them. Iarl sat Aine down in a chair next to his. He turned to look at her, and spoke for the first time.

Following is an excerpt from, “The Elementals Save Mother Earth”:

The ghost of Paracelsus roamed the earth. Never had he seen the earth in such a terrible state. The land was dry and ravaged by fire. Paracelsus knew the salamanders were thriving, but they were the only elemental to do so. Pollution inhabited the waters and air to the point that they were poisonous. They were losing the battle to help keep the earth livable for humans

Mother Earth had awoken Paracelsus.

“Paracelsus, I beg of you to arise from your resting place. I desperately need your help,” she had said.

Paracelsus did as Mother Earth asked. He stood looking around the devastation, wondering where to start.

“The four elemental forces are going to have to work together to clean up this mess,” Paracelsus muttered to himself.

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These 6 Essential Oils Are Great Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Medicines

These 6 Essential Oils Are Great Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Medicines 

by Seth M
Expanded Consciousness

The pharmaceutical industry has come under fire recently in light of overwhelming evidence suggesting the production of malicious medications that actually keep people sick, and thus reliant on drugs. “The Truth About Cancer” documentary series is a great place to start if you’re just now learning about the true nature of prescription drugs.

As one could imagine, people have become completely turned off to the idea of pharmaceuticals, and are seeking out new, natural and alternative treatment options. Including essential oils. Derived from various plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and other naturally-occurring substances, essential oils are used for a variety of different reasons, including improving one’s overall health and well-being.

There are over 90 different essential oils available today; here are six that are used for everyday purposes:


A natural favorite for many people, Lavender can be applied to almost any part of the body and tastes great when mixed into lemon water. Health benefits of this essential oil include reduced anxiety, faster healing of wounds, improved sleep, healthy skin complexion, anti-aging properties, relief from joint pain, and it fights symptoms of diabetes.


Lemon, as you may or may not know, is chock-full of healthy properties. It can be used in cleaning solutions, soaps, and toothpastes, or as a breath freshener. Lemon oil provides health benefits like improved oral hygiene, improved digestive functioning, sore throat relief, stomach pain and nausea relief, and even acts as an aid in weight loss.


Considered one of the more versatile essential oils, peppermint can be used for a lot of things. Not only is it perfect for muscle pain and migraines, but it also helps treat sinus infections, itching of the skin, sunburns, fevers, ADHD, and can improve hair health. It’s also been seen to be effective in treating cancer, to some extent.


This essential oil is often referred to as the “king of oils,” and with good reason. It is great for people seeking to reduce stress levels, reach deeper levels of meditation, improve the health of their skin, or reduce the visibility of stretch marks and scars. It also provides a healthy boost to the immune system, helping to prevent how often you get sick.


This essential oil is perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of clarity to their life. It naturally promotes improved memory function, clarity of the mind, relaxation, and calmness. And, as an added bonus, it’s a natural aphrodisiac, so you can use it to spice things up in the bedroom!

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is a great solution for dealing with problems relating to the skin and the respiratory system. Not only is great for treating ingrown hairs, but it also helps treat acne, chickenpox, cold sores, respiratory infections, earaches, fungal infections, head lice, psoriasis, and halitosis.


4 Reasons You Should Wear Baltic Amber Daily

4 Reasons You Should Wear Baltic Amber Daily

Amber is the Painkiller You Have been Looking For

Baltic amber has been used for centuries for its beauty and for its amazing healing properties. Historically, Baltic amber has been used to alleviate many types of pain — from dental pain, arthritic joint pain to swelling, and inflammation. It also aids in immune support! Amber is not officially gemstone regardless of the fact it is often though of as one. It is a fossilized resin from the sap of ancient pine trees. These days, baltic amber is becoming quite rare and is only found near the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. This article outlines the various ways that you can use Baltic amber daily to alleviate pain, support the throat and thyroid glands, and increase immunity.

Baltic amber relieves pain and inflammation: Baltic amber is not a painkiller in itself; succinic acid is the active compound found in amber that has analgesic properties where it can assist in pain relief. Baltic amber contains around 3-8% succinic acid and has been studied for years in contemporary medicine. The highest concentration of succinic acid is found in the amber cortex–the outermost layer of the stone. When you wear Baltic amber, trace oils from the resin are absorbed through your skin as it heats to your body temperature. This allows the amber’s acid to enter your bloodstream leading to maximum therapeutic benefit.

Baltic amber supports the immune system: Scientific research has shown that succinic acid has a positive influence on the body by improving immunity and speeding up wound healing. On top of that, amber is an excellent natural antibiotic. In the past, alchemists and doctors used powdered amber as a poultice to dress wounds to assist those that need healing. Topical use of amber has been well researched for hundreds of years and amber bead necklaces are often found in pharmacies in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria to this day. 

Baltic amber supports the throat and thyroid gland: Amber is thought to be supportive to the throat when it is worn as a necklace; especially for the thyroid glands. The thyroid, in particular, benefits from Baltic amber because the succinic acid it contains stimulates the thyroid to assist with soothing bodily inflammation and assists balancing an underactive or overactive thyroid. Amber’s anti-inflammatory properties may even be helpful to those with a sore throat and assist with vocal training by way of supporting the vocal cords and esophagus.

Baltic amber can assist with anxiety and stress: Amber is calming and can assist with reducing anxiety in babies and toddlers while also offering these benefits to children and adults. Natural compounds found in Baltic Amber are especially useful for combating distress in babies and adults alike. Amber’s beauty is quite therapeutic in itself, but the stones when worn or used for massaging, allow amber’s chemical properties to assist in de-stressing. Further, amber beads can be used as a meditation tool to assist with mental clarity, relaxation and an improved sense of well-being.

Try this exercise to de-stress!

  1. Take your amber bead necklace into your hands and use your forefinger and thumb to gently hold one of the beads on the necklace.
  2. Inhale deeply and exhale thoroughly as you focus on the sensation of each bead warming to your body’s temperature.
  3. Move your fingers on to the next bead and repeat until you feel calmer or until you’ve touched each bead in your strand.

It is Low-Maintenance as Well

Nature’s healing wisdom is locked within Baltic Amber, so make wearing it in the form of jewelry as a beautiful part of your daily wellness practice will do wonders. Baltic amber is a low-maintenance stone that does not require charging or thorough cleansing; its soothing warmth is available for you now and as you need it! Wearing Baltic amber is an easy way to relieve pain and inflammation, increase your immunity, and support the well-being of your body– inside, out. 

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Elder’s Meditation – Principles

Elder’s Meditation – Principles


Elder’s Meditation of the Day October 24
“We create that bad among ourselves. We create it; then we try to call it devil, satan, or evil. But man creates it. There is no devil. Man creates the devil.”
–Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA
Inside every human being are the laws and codes by which we should live. These laws and codes are communicated to us through a little voice. When we are still, this voice guides us. If we choose to live out of harmony, our lives become filled with anger, hate, selfishness, dishonesty, etc… When these things appear in our lives, we give up accountability and blame it on something or someone else. If we want to live in harmony, we need to pray our way back to living the principles the Creator gave us.
Grandfather, today let me walk with the principles.

Feng Shui – One Thing At A Time

Feng Shui – One Thing At A Time


Doing things hastily leads to mistakes and produces stress. Work efficiently, but do not move at such a breakneck pace that you lose sight of the details. Our culture’s obsession with speed and multitasking leads to half-done tasks and many errors, which have to be corrected later. Do only one thing at a time. It will be a blessing for your work life and peace of mind. …

Bay Leaf Essential Oil

Bay Leaf Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Pimenta racemosa

Distillation Method: Steam distillation of the leaves.

Bay Leaf Essential Oil (1/3 oz)

Bay Leaf Essential Oil has a fruity, spicy, fresh scent. It is an antiseptic oil and helps to nourish the hair and scalp. Good for use in a diffuser, in a massage oil, and in the bath.

Feng Shui – Map

Feng Shui – Map


You can map your life just as you would map your home. Make a simple map or diagram of the places you frequent at least once a month, such as stores, home, work, and gym. A very tight map, reflecting only work and home, for example, represents too much Earth Element, yielding stagnation. A very loose, scattered map reflects too much Air Element, yielding dissipation. You want to be somewhere in the middle. …

Elder’s Meditation – Helpers

Elder’s Meditation – Helpers


“We do not walk alone. Great Being walks beside us. Know this and
be grateful.”
— Polingaysi Q“yawayma, HOPI

Many religions have different names for these Beings. Some are called angels, some are called spirits.
These Spirit Beings are helpers. They guide us, protect us and will help us during our times of need.
Sometimes they give us dreams. We need not be afraid when these Spirit Helpers come. We need to
understand they are the Creator’s helpers.

Great Spirit, send me the helpers to guide my path as I seek to walk in Your service.

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