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The Dragon Tempest: Tales of Fantasy & Adventure (DKC Contest Anthology Book 2)   

The Dragon Tempest offers a collection of short stories in a variety of fantasy genres, including dark, light, adventure, and epic. Creatures from all worlds abound: dragons, angels, centaurs, witches, gods and goddesses, and those lurking below the water’s surface. Whether you’re moved by tales of battle and bloodshed, suspense, humor, or enlightenment, The Dragon Tempest will leave you craving more from each author. Such a diversity of great fantasy tales to enjoy will leave no room for disappointment.

Allison D. Reid
KJ Hawkins
D.B. Mauldin
Joshua Robertson

1st Place Winners
Christine King
Katie Roxberry
Winter Bayne
Jane Dougherty
Wilson F. Engel, III

2nd Place Winners
Christine Haggerty
Randall Lemon
Deborah Jean Anderson
J. Abram Barneck
Louise Findlay

3rd Place Winners
Samuel Milner
Karen Brown

I am honored to have two short stories published in “The Dragon’s Tempest.”

Following is an excerpt from, “Queen of the Faeries”

The concert had been great. Aine and Dorrian made their way backstage to try to get a glimpse of the band members. Aine had fallen ‘head over heels in love with the band’s bass guitar player, Iarl Fitzgerald. Dorrian rolled her eyes at Aine. She was always falling ‘head over heels’ in love with somebody.

“There he is!” exclaimed Aine. She grabbed Dorrian’s arm and started leading her in Iarl’s direction.

As if he had heard her, Iarl looked up, right at Aine. Their eyes locked and Iarl walked toward Aine, meeting her halfway. Aine let go of Dorrian’s arm as she reached out to shake hands with Iarl.

“Hi! I am Aine. I just wanted to tell you that I love the way you play your bass guitar.”

Iarl smiled. Aine’s heart did a flip-flop; his smile made him even more gorgeous. He had a serious face, very cute, but serious. His shoulder-length, blonde curls framed his gorgeous face. His dark-green eyes were deep-set, giving him the overall appearance of a man who did not smile or laugh easily.

Still holding Aine’s hand in his, he turned and led them to his dressing room. There were other people bustling about and Dorrian joined them. Iarl sat Aine down in a chair next to his. He turned to look at her, and spoke for the first time.

Following is an excerpt from, “The Elementals Save Mother Earth”:

The ghost of Paracelsus roamed the earth. Never had he seen the earth in such a terrible state. The land was dry and ravaged by fire. Paracelsus knew the salamanders were thriving, but they were the only elemental to do so. Pollution inhabited the waters and air to the point that they were poisonous. They were losing the battle to help keep the earth livable for humans

Mother Earth had awoken Paracelsus.

“Paracelsus, I beg of you to arise from your resting place. I desperately need your help,” she had said.

Paracelsus did as Mother Earth asked. He stood looking around the devastation, wondering where to start.

“The four elemental forces are going to have to work together to clean up this mess,” Paracelsus muttered to himself.

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Elder’s Meditation – Courage

Elder’s Meditation – Courage

“When we’re through with this earth and all these problems, we don’t have to come back. But as long as we’re here we have a job to do and a purpose to fulfill, and that means dealing with the circumstances around us.”

— Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

We are put on the earth to participate in life. We have a beautiful mind, we have the ability to pray, we have the ability to change, we have the ability to accept, and we have choices. All things God created are constantly changing. This constant change causes our circumstances to change. Sometimes we say life is difficult. During these times we need to use our tools: the tools of prayer, and the tools of meditation. We are designed to change and live joyfully on this earth. The only requirement for living joyfully is to live according to the laws, principles, and values given to us by the Creator.

Great Spirit, give me Your courage today, and guide my footsteps.


Feng Shui – Intimacy

Feng Shui – Intimacy

The scents of jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang are often used to ignite passion. But if you seek to rekindle the passion in a relationship, you might need more help. Try this great Feng Shui trick to get the fires burning once again. Light two red candles twice every day in the northeast corner of your space. Placing them side by side can help illuminate intimacy and promotes sexual healing. …


Organic Ylang Ylang 3rd Essential Oil (1/3 oz)

Ylang Ylang 3rd Essential Oil is narcotically sweet and floral, having a slightly spicy and exotic scent. It is a good blend ingredient. This essential oil both relaxes and arouses; in Europe, therapists use it for sexual dysfunction. It is an antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and sedative, and can very well ease feelings of anger, anxiety, shock, panic and fear. Perfect for use in perfumes, your diffuser, baths, and massage.

Scent Characteristics: Narcotically sweet, soft, floral, slightly spicy and exotic scent – a good blend ingredient.

Feng Shui – Kanuka Essential Oil

Feng Shui – Kanuka Essential Oil

In our modern world we want things fast. We don’t have time to let things like athlete’s foot, candida, or cold sores ruin our days. Kanuka essential oil is a powerful cure for all three of these that you might like to try. When the leaves of this plant are distilled, they create an antifungal agent capable of being used on the skin or diffused throughout the room for inhaling. You’ll get back to your busy day in no time! …

Elder’s Meditation – Unity

Elder’s Meditation – Unity

“If you have one hundred people who live together, and if each one cares for the rest, there is One Mind.”

— Shining Arrows, CROW

One of the principles of Community is Unity. The alignment of thoughts in groups of people will cause One Mind to form. One Mind is Unity. Each individual in the community must align their thoughts with what other members are thinking. If all the people think of helping one another, then the community will be service oriented and powerful results will be enjoyed. Having our thoughts aligned within a group will cause our children to experience a positive environment. When they have children, the grandchildren will automatically experience these results also.

My Creator, help me to contribute to positive group thought.


Elder’s Meditation – Respect

Elder’s Meditation – Respect

Equals (=)

“People are equal partners with the plants and animals, not their masters who exploit them.”

— Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

As human beings, we are not above anything nor are we below anything. Because of being equal, we need to discuss a little about the value of respect. Not just respect when it come to human beings, but respect when it come to everything. We are not masters over things; we are caretakers for the Great Spirit. We need to treat all things with respect.

Great Spirit, let me accept and see all things as equal.

Feng Shui – Lifting Sadness

Feng Shui – Lifting Sadness


Into every life a little rain must fall, but if you’re feeling sad, try this excellent Feng Shui cure. The northeastern area of your home represents relationships and governs your ability to be open and receptive no matter what happens. Adding pink or a little of the Earth Element in this area can help lift intense feelings of sadness. From stones to blooming pink peonies, there is more you can do than you may realize. …

Boost Your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity

Essential Oil Recipe

Boost your immunity during the cold and flu season by using the following blend of essential oils on a daily basis:

Add the following essential oils to 1 ounce carrier oil:

5 drops Cinnamon

5 drops Clove

5 drops Eucalyptus

5 drops Lemon

5 drops Lime

5 drops Oregano

5 drops Peppermint

5 drops Rosemary

5 drops Spearmint

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed. Put 8 – 10 drops into your bath. Wear 2 – 4 drops as a body perfume. Use 15 – 20 drops as a massage. Place 3 – 5 drops into water added to an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist

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