Full Moon in Sagittarius Essential Oils

Cedarwood Essential Oil for a feeling of belonging and support. Chamomile (Roman) Essential Oil encourages soul searching for your personal life purpose. Clary Sage Essential Oil can help dispel any negativity that is hanging on, bring needed clarification, and spiritual visions. Frankincense Essential Oil is relaxing and supports truth. Geranium Essential Oil promotes feelings of... Continue Reading →

Mercury in Cancer 2019 — In a Love World

Mercury in Cancer

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Intuitive Astrology: Mercury in Cancer 2019 by Tanaaz

For most of June and even part of July, Mercury will be in the sign of Cancer.

Mercury enters Cancer at least once a year so this energy is not rare, however, in 2019, Mercury’s journey through this water sign is particularly busy.

As Mercury gets settled into Cancer, it is going to be making a number of potent cosmic alignments involving Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, and the North Node, which are going to help us link the path of our soul with the path we have chosen.

We all come into this life with a soul plan, a blueprint of what we would like to achieve or learn during our time on Earth.

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Mandala and Recycled Art Inspiration



Life itself calls for us to recognize its unity.

It needs our respect, our participation,

our awareness for its

immanent unity. It is its essential nature, the light in life

itself, its meaning, that holds this fine web of

interweaved relations together.


Angela Fischer 

Text & image source: Johanna von Bernus @ THE CELESTIAL SANCTUM https://www.facebook.com/groups/celestialsanctum/

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Essential Oils and the Brain

https://www.kaliana.com/blogs/eatdrinkthink/power-of-essential-oils-on-the-brain The Positive Power of Essential Oils on the Brain Jan 04, 2017 Can a simple scent trigger or calm an emotion, boost your energy, or support immune function? Yes, it can! Think of how often you are reminded of a childhood memory by something as simple as your mother’s perfume, or recall your grandmother when the... Continue Reading →

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