April 2015 Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and Herbs

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April 2015 Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and Herbs

Power Colors April 1-April 5, 2015

Wednesday April 1: Brown, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Green

Thursday April 2: Green, Turquoise, Purple, Burgundy, White

Friday April 3: Pink, White, Orange, Rose, Red

Saturday April 4: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray

Sunday April 5: Yellow, Orange, Gold, White


Power Essential Oils April 1-April 5, 2015

Wednesday April 1: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint

Thursday April 2: Clove, Hyssop, Nutmeg, Rosewood, Sandalwood

Friday April 3: Cardamom, Chamomile, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang

Saturday April 4: Myrrh, Patchouli, Pine

Sunday April 5: Amber, Frankincense, Myrrh


Full Moon In Libra

Total Lunar Eclipse

This month’s full moon brings with it a total lunar eclipse. The energy of this will be the full moon super-charged as it puts a cap on last month’s powerful triple whammy of the Solar eclipse on the dark moon which fell on the equinox. When the sun and moon oppose each other each month we are asked to find the balance between the signs in which they fall.

This month it will be Sun in Aries, with all that independence and pioneering spirit of the Ram – in opposition to an eclipsing Moon in Libra who looks to the other to teach them about love and balance. Librans sometimes follow where Arians tend to lead. Libra wants to discuss things (non stop) whereas Aires just tell you directly how it is. Librans can give their power away to the dream of love and Aries to the drama.

Jupiter is still skirting around the wings to bring a little luck and expansion and shine a larger than life light on whatever is going on in your life. Keep a journal this week because although things may seem supercharged on the day the eclipse, it will slowly reveal whatever has been hidden in the shadows of the moonscape. © by Astrologer Jyoti Eagles

Full Moon April 2015

pink moon copiaAfter the long winter it’s time to throw your head back and howl at the full pink moon.  This is a wonderful time of year because it expresses rebirth and growth.  The April Pink Full Moon is filled with magic as it contains a complete lunar Eclipse making this a powerful time to set your intentions. Plan a ritual to physically plant your seeds of desire in Mother Earth. This time of year is filled with pink healing energy that can be opened up to receive and embrace its majesty and glory.

This Total Lunar Eclipse or “Blood Moon” is on April 4-5, 2015 (depending on your time zone)  and will be visible in most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia. The Moon will be totally eclipsed (totality) for about 5 minutes. From beginning to end, it will last for 3 hours and 29 mins. This is the third eclipse in the 2014–2015 tetrad. The moon will be having a red shade because the sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere becomes tinted red as seen during sunrise and sunset. Throughout the total eclipse, the red light coming from the Earth’s atmosphere reaches the moon so the color becomes red. This is why it is called a “Blood Moon”

The Pink Moon received its name from the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. Other names for this month’s celestial body include the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and among coastal tribes the Full Fish Moon, because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

AprilThe full moon of April is also known as the Egg Moon. Both names, Pink and Egg, indicate the sprouting of seed and the explosion of bright beauty found in the phlox (pink) and other flowers rising for the spring debut.

April Moon Facts and Folklore

On April 20, 1972, the lunar module of Apollo XVI landed on the moon with astronauts John Young and Charles Duke aboard. Thomas Mattingly remained in orbit around the moon aboard the command module. This was the third exportation of the moon.

One day later on April 21, 1972, Apollo XVI astronauts John Young and Charles Duke drove an electric car (LEM) on the surface of the moon. It’s still up there along with some expensive tools and some film that they forgot.

The period from the full Moon through the last quarter of the Moon is the best time for killing weeds, thinning, pruning, mowing, cutting timber, and planting below-ground crops.

Take this time to celebrate the beauty of the moon and all the inspiration that it gives us. If you do decide to howl make sure you don’t freak out your neighbors. Have fun, dance, sing, and enjoy yourself.

Full moon blessings,
Cherokee Billie


April Full Moon Oil Recipe

Mix the following essential oils into 1 ounce almond oil (or other carrier oil of your choice):

12 drops Myrrh

11 drops Ambergris

11 drops Frankincense

11 drops Patchouli

Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.

Place 8 to 10 drops in your bath, Wear 4 to 8 drops as a body perfume, and/or use 3 to 5 drops added to water in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.

Friday, April 17, 2015

New Moon BlessingA New Moon occurs on Saturday, April 18, 2015, at 2:57 PM EDT marking the beginning of a new cycle. It is good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies. It’s time to take action – try something new and innovative, and go at it with gusto and confidence; be assertive without being abrasive; take charge of our lives; start a brand new project; and discover our own personal courage.

A new moon symbolizes new beginnings when you look at old goals and set new ones. It is a good time to contemplate upon your life. The meaning of a new moon is the opportunity to start anew and refresh your dreams and desires. It is a time of magic! Did you set New Year’s Resolutions that may need a little boost to them by now? Have any of your goals gone from bright to dim? Now is the time to support them with the new moon energy and its significance and symbolism.

It is important to pull our energy inward, to be the brightest lights we can, to show the greatest love we can. We hope the light we shine will catch others alight. Mystical

To make this a sacred time use Four Items to honor the elements. Have with you a small bottle of sand for the element of earth, a feather for the element of air, a red candle for the element of fire, and a cup of water for the element of water.

On the evening of the New Moon fill a glass with pure clean water. Hold your filled glass and take a moment to stand before any sacred space that you have set up or is special to you and breathe into your center – that deep internal place that is the source of your intent and where all change is possible. Internalize the knowing that All Water is One Water, with the power to cleanse and purify, to wash away the dust of all that was. Know that water always seeks to flow and in so doing erodes away all the blocks and obstacles that hinder its progress.

Fill yourself with all the thoughts of change that help this world to be better in all ways. Bring up all the ways that you can help to foster and create that change, not only within but also in your daily life to the world around you. Allow those intentions and energy to flow into the water that you hold.

Add to its power by singing, drumming or raising energy in your own unique way. Allow your energy to infuse the remaining water within your glass while deeply knowing that all water is connected. Remember that all water is one water, and that the water of our bodies is the same as the sea and the rain and the river. The energy of water flows and returns to you like a great tide, the waves of true and undeniable change that begins with your own personal divine source.

Drink some of the water in your glass and allow the energy to infuse all parts of your inner self, knowing that you raising your vibration to a higher level.

New Moon Manifestation Ceremonies That You Can Perform.

New Moon Magic: Make a fresh start, begin a project, initiate a new relationship, start a new routine. Create a ritual: Set an intention, write down your wishes, dreams, and desires. Light a white/silver candle; imagine the new moving toward you in joyful, powerful ways. Spend a few moments breathing in the energy of this new reality each day, making it more and more tangible. Work this for one moon cycle and re-access and energize on the next new moon if needed.

Abundance Check Ritual for the New Moon.

Abundance Check

Writing an Abundance Check is an exercise you can use to create more abundance in your life and the check is to be written within 24 hours after each New Moon. It is not necessary to put a date on the check and you DO NOT write a specific dollar amount on the check. Then put the check away in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take over from there.

Let this new moon help you make a difference in your life and in your part of the world.

Blessings of the Maiden Moon to you!
Cherokee Billie


new moon april 2015

This months New Moon in Aries, Mars squares Jupiter, Venus squares Neptune and the Moon and Sun are going into Taurus so we can expect super human feats of bravery and strength, warrior energy at its best, great sacrifices will be made with love and devotion, giving of our best and tapping into that which is rich and fertile. Expand it to a global level or scale it down to your own personal life and it still feels pretty awesome.

April new moon was always going to be intense. Uranus and Pluto have finally stepped out of the square ring and put away their gloves. Pluto is going retrograde this week while Uranus is full steam ahead in Aries as they go their separate ways. We can expect the changes these two have brought about to be sudden now: electric and unexpected with a nice edge of weirdness. Your wildest dreams may not seem so out of reach. All can be healed, forgiven and enriched with a life-enhancing flow of gentle compassion. © by astrologer Jyoti Eagles

New Moon April 2015

Dark Moon in Aries


The Dark Moon in Aries asks the question “Who am I?”

All too often we define ourselves by the masks we wear. Masks have purpose; they assist us in navigating through life. Our facades change depending on the situations we find ourselves in. We may wear masks out of necessity, and, at times, we wear them out of fear or ignorance. Once we become aware of our masks, we realize we are so much more than the illusions we present to others.

Who is looking out from behind the mask? She is the authentic self. The woman behind the mask carries within her strength and confidence. She is not concerned with the opinions of others. The authentic woman works with her heart and mind to determine how she will choose to portray herself. She acts from a place of integrity and compassion. A woman who is both headstrong and heartstrong knows who she is and is conscious of how she feels about who she is.

Meeting in the Mirror

You will need a hand mirror for this meditation.

Sit comfortably in sacred space where you won’t be disturbed. Take several deep breaths until you feel calm and centered.

Look at your reflection in the mirror. Focus on your eyes, feel yourself falling into those beautiful windows to the soul.

As you stare intentionally into your eyes, you find yourself transported. You are now the reflection looking outward. What does the reflection see?

Step back until you can see your entire body. Visualize yourself moving your physical body around so that the mirrored reflection can see you from all angles. What does the reflective self see? Use words that are free of judgment. We too often use harsh language to describe the image we see in the mirror. The reflective self is beyond judgment; she sees you as you truly are. She comes from a place of love and she sees the beauty of your soul.

Choose one or two words the reflective self uses to describe the vision standing in front of her. Hold the words in your heart, they are who you are. Step back through the mirror and into your physical body. Look once more at your reflection. Do you see her differently? Can you see her with loving eyes and a compassionate heart? You are the reflection, and the reflection is you. You are one, and you are beautiful.

Dark Moon Blessings,

The Muse


New Moon Ritual And Spells

The New Moon is a perfect time to call in your warrior energy and tap into your courage and strength. As we are on the cusp of Taurus it is a very fertile time to plant the seeds for that which you wish to achieve between now and the full moon in May. As Mars is the Ruler of Aries and the planet of War, this new moon ritual will focus on bringing balance and healing and peace to all those places and people on the planet and within your immediate environment which are caught up in the tumultuous grip of war and warring.

Ritual can be performed either in the world or on the inner plains, once you have become proficient at casting your circle and connecting with the gods in the traditional way. The inner work must be as real to you as if you were acting it out in the real world, which with practice can be achieved.

Sweep and prepare your circle. Before you enter your circle make sure you are properly prepared by letting go of your busy day and leaving it behind you outside the magical space you have created. Sit quietly and perform the light body exercise. Cleanse and purify your area with salt and or water.

New Moon Goddess Ritual

With your wand or pointer finger, cast your circle in the usual way invoking the guardians of each element as described in The Wheel of the Year. Place a candle in the middle of the circle representing spirit and the element of fire.

Once you feel the vortex has been activated,
join hands if you are working with others,
and dance around the candle chanting:

Hecate, Demetri, Karli. / Isis, Astarte, Dianna, / Inanna!!

Allow the energy to build until it is alive and spinning and you feel the presence of these Moon Goddesses. At this point the nominated leader with call “stop” and with hands still joined, and half closed eyes, stare at the flame until you see a beam of light connecting you to it, drawing in the light. Drawing in the flame. Consciously empty out all your negative Marcin qualities like anger, jealousy, aggression, ruthlessness, selfishness, etc.

Fill this vacuum (which natures abhors) with the qualities of the spiritual warrior like courage, strength, compassion and most of all peace. Feel this tough love build within your heart and send it out to surround the entire earth with a filament of healing greenish gold. Visualise this energy building like a cloud, getting denser and denser until it showers the entire globe with healing energy and peace and courage and strength to those who need it most.

Know that is it so.
To close the circle say: “As the radiance of this ceremony fades, let it remain as a light in my heart.” Dismiss and thank the guardians by saying: “May the spirits of the four quarters be blessed.” Blow out the candle. “May the blessings of the Great Goddess be always with us. I declare this circle closed. May the inspiration continue within my being.” Close your circle.Blessings from the Grove. © by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

New Moon Ritual Goddess

Essential Oils to Use this New Moon

During April’s New Moon use a blend of any floral or fruity scents, such as: Chamomile, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Jasmine, Orange, Ylang-Ylang, and many more.

Remember to only use 1 – 3 different oils in your blend. For example:

Blend together the following essential oils into 1 ounce carrier oil:

15 drops – Chamomile

15 drops – Lavender

15 drops – Jasmine


Sun in Taurus – Currently

Waxing Half Moon in Leo – Saturday – April 25, 2015


Dig deep. Under fixed Earth Taurus, life is a fertile garden ready to receive seed, plowing, compost, ready to feed root and bulb and bring a new crop to light. The mood is earthy, sensual, stubborn, slow, and practical; we need to bring vision and planning.

Earth is sacred, peace is found in a flowering field and in the comforts of life. Learn when to bend like a willow in the wind, when to grow roots and when to roll.

Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2014, excerpted from We’Moon 2015 p. 13
Thursday, April 30, 2015
Thursday power colors: White, Purple, Turquoise, Burgundy, Green
Libra moon…. Full moon coming up Friday night into Saturday.
Balance, fairness, indecision, romance and big dreams are a part of the revealing energy of this time. We could find ourselves renegotiating terms of relationships of all kinds, personal, work, friends, family. Evaluation of who we spend our time with and why is part of the flow.
Tell those you love, that you love them, every day, just in case.
Thursday – Mercury enters Gemini
It’s all about communication this morning, words, body language, flick of the eye, the whisper of an email as the Virgo trines Mercury in Taurus. The moon enters more sociable Libra after breakfast, and Mercury enters its own talkative, nervy sign of Gemini. Don’t be shy, over the next few days engage potentially important dialogue. Look for conversation with new people, a change of personnel. Deal with question of air quality.
We’Moon Starcodes webpage @ Heather Roan Robbins 2015

Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in healing work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Healing Work’ in the subject line.
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in magickal work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Magical Work’ in the subject line.
Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have pertaining to using carrier oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and/or herbs in spiritual work. Please put ‘Aromatherapy – Spiritual Work’ in the subject line.

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