Healthy Home Holiday Cleaning Part II

The Dirty Dozen One of the best ways to make small changes in your home is to be aware of what ingredients to avoid. Letโ€™s talk about the Dirty Dozen; the Dirty Dozen is a list of twelve ingredients that we suggest avoiding when choosing products for your home. 1. BHA and BHT is an... Continue Reading →


Big Dan’s Beard Butter

Starting This Friday Get Your Beard Butter Available In: Candyman- The Peppermint Delight Woodsman- A Cedarwood Symposium Night Before Xmas- Bright,Delightful, And Full Of Cheer Get Your 2oz Tin For Only $10 Pre Order? Txt 2566134073 or email Great Christmas Gift for the men in your life, or Men treat yourself! Nourish and enrich... Continue Reading →

Healthy Home Holiday Cleaning

Healthy Home: Detox Your Cleaning Are you getting ready to clean your home for the Holidays? Learn about why it is important to clean your home without harsh chemicals and everything you need to know about the Thieves product line. Healthy Home Holiday Cleaning Public ยท Hosted by Aromatherapy Information and More Tomorrow, November 15... Continue Reading →

Fun Halloween Aromatherapy

Fun Halloween Aromatherapy Frankincense: First of all, Frank is my man! But I'm willing to share him, okay. Supports healthy healing skin. Promotes feelings of calmness and balance. Increases spiritual awareness. May help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking, aging skin. Use to alleviate nervous energy. Great for anyone who might need extra help focusing. How... Continue Reading →

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