Ingredients you’ll never find in YL products

Do you remember ninth grade biology class? The pungent smell of formaldehyde filling the air as you performed the public school ritual of frog dissection? Did you know that many popular personal care products list formaldehyde as an ingredient or mention a preservative that releases formaldehyde? Yeah, we think it’s gross, too. That’s why we... Continue Reading →

Simple Tips for Achieving Goals

Simple Tips for Achieving Goals Achieving Goals: Harder AND Easier Than You Think! By Elizabeth Scott, MS Achieving goals can often be more difficult than people realize. We may have a burning desire to see changes in our lives--less stress, a healthier lifestyle, more money in the bank account--but actually implementing those changes involves much... Continue Reading →

5 Common Myths About Suicide Debunked

5 Common Myths About Suicide Debunked By Kristen Fuller, M.D. | Sep. 06, 2018 Suicide affects all people. Within the past year, about 41,000 individuals died by suicide, 1.3 million adults have attempted suicide, 2.7 million adults have had a plan to attempt suicide and 9.3 million adults have had suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, our society... Continue Reading →

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