No Shave November

#NoShaveNovember is fast approaching!
Men you want, or Ladies you want your man, to have a great beard? Oil up, dudes. 🧔🤘🧔🏿🤘🧔🏼🤘
Grab this bad beard bundle for $50 (plus shipping if required).
🎩Rosemary oil promotes hair growth, helping you fill in those patches that just won’t grow.
🎩Lavender helps relieve dry skin and eliminate dandruff, helping calm any irritation you may get.
🎩Cedarwood gives you a manly scent while conditioning your beard and adding shine. Also great for your skin underneath all that manliness.
🎩Shutran Beard Oil is specially blended for the manliest of beards. With its masculine scent of spruce oils and more, you won’t hear any complaints from the ladies. Your beard will be soft enough to touch any part of her body.
If you’re going to do it, do it right. And have the most luxurious beard this November. Order this bundle now and get a head start on this manliness competition.

No Shave November


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