Author, Nicole Giles


He gulped the last of his pop and crunched the can, tossing it at a nearby recycle bin as he stood from his perch on the low brick wall. He headed inside to the gym, nearly plowing over someone on the way.

“Watch it.” The guy stood about as tall as James, had the shoulders of a bull, and a look in his eyes that said he was every bit as dangerous.

“Sorry, man. Didn’t mean it, I swear.”

The kid glowered at James, but then turned and walked away. James sighed, relieved. It wouldn’t serve him well to damage his knuckles on his first day.

He wasn’t the first in the gym, but it was obvious he was the only newbie. A number of guys were dribbling, sweating, calling to each other like they’d played together their whole lives. Some probably had. James shook his…

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