At A Bus Stop in the North

At a Bus Stop in the North He is green in a sea of green, olive green, just returned from sheets that smell of sunshine and his mother’s hands, returned from the crackle of potato pancakes, the cold, sweet burst of jelly with the first bite of sufganyia. His rifle oiled at his side, his... Continue Reading →

Stoneslide Books Submissions open July 1st

Stoneslide Books Submissions

Writing and Illustrating

dow sending gifts in the night

When Dow Phumiruk sent me this lovely illustration it made me think of all the writers and illustrators sending their talented projects off into the universe for someone to discover.

Dow is an aspiring children’s book illustrator. She won the 2013 SCBWI On-the-Verge Emerging Voices Award that promotes diversity in children’s books. Please visit her portfolio site at or her blog at to see more of her work. Thank you Dow for sharing.

Maybe Stoneslide Books will be the right place to send off your project into the universe, but don’t do it today, just get it ready to send on July 1st  when they open for submissions.

Stoneslide Books welcomes unsolicited submissions. They read them blind, and your work is judged, not your reputation or publishing history. Only when they complete the selection process do they reveal to themselves what your name is and who you are.

Our submission form.

The Stoneslide Corrective

The Stoneslide Corrective…

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