Shadow Stalker Double Feature Tour

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Dragon Knight’s Book Promotions would like to welcome you to Renee Scattergood’s Double Feature Tour. She has brought two books into on tour for all your enjoyment. The first six days (December 31st through January 5th) will focus on her newly released novella “Demon Hunt”. Which will be available for FREE through the month of January 2015.
The final day (January 6th) will be featuring a one day blitz for her Shadow Stalker serialized novella’s. Episode 5 will be released January 6th and if you subscribe to Renee’s Newsletter you will be able to get Episode 5 free. Also check out her giveaway page to walk away with an ebook bundle filled with all 5 episodes.
Without further a-duo below you will find the schedule for Renee’s Double Feature Tour also feel free to stop by Facebook to follow along with discussions and posts.
Wednesday December 31st

Renee Writes-Opener

BHALSOP– Excerpt

Thursday January 1st

Writing Room 101-Review (DH)

Mama Bear Musings-Guest Post

Friday January 2nd


Louise Findlay Books-Review (DH)

Saturday January 3rd

Infinity-Pathways-Book Spotlight

Dragon Knight’s Book Promotions-Review (DH)

Sunday January 4th

thequietfantasybookblog-Review (DH)

Writing Room 101-Guest Post

Monday January 5th-(last day of Demon Hunt)

Mama Bear Musings-Review (DH)

Dragon Knight’s BookPromotions-Guest Post

Tuesday January 6th-(Shadow Stalker Episode 5)

Infinity-Pathways-Guest Post


Dragon Knight’s BookPromotions-Review & Excerpt (E5)

Mama Bear Musings-Review (E5)

Louise Findlay Books-Review (E5)

thequietfantasybookblog-Review (E5)

Writing Room 101-Review & Character Interview (E5)

Renee Writes-Closer

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