Weekly Fantasy Fix

        Rooted In The Real Why do make-believe stories stick with us? Fantasy is filled with dragons, and maidens, and old gods coming across the blight to bring misery to our mortal souls. Yet, we remember these stories. We tell them to our children, and our children's children.  But why? The answer... Continue Reading →

Weekly Fantasy Fix Newsletter

Weekly Fantasy Fix Newsletter Welcome to the Weekly Fantasy Fix A newsletter dedicated to all things fantasy.  Authors Renee Scattergood, Joshua Robertson, and Allison D. Reid are joining together to create a diverse, engaging newsletter you won't want to miss. In upcoming issues, you will enjoy features on a variety of authors.  Stay informed about their current works... Continue Reading →

Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6)

http://reneescattergood.com/books/shadow-stalker-part-1-episodes-1-6/ Auren learns she is destined to enslave the people of her world, and Drevin, emperor of the Galvadi Empire is determined to end her life before it happens. Her foster father, Kado, has sworn to protect her and trains her as a shadow stalker. But her training is cut short, when their people are... Continue Reading →

Makari’s Mission Chapter 10 Sneak Peek

Makari's Mission Chapter 10 Sneak Peek https://www.patreon.com/posts/makaris-mission-3947942?login=mauldinfamily1%40yahoo.com I had no idea what had happened to me, but once I had time to sit and consider I realized it was either the delohi-saqu had unleashed her powers on me or some sort of defense Kado set up. Anyone who made eye contact with Auren with the... Continue Reading →

Shadow Stalker: Falling to Pieces (Episode 14) Chapter 4 Sneak Peek

Shadow Stalker: Falling to Pieces (Episode 14) Chapter 4 Sneak Peek          http://reneescattergood.com/shadow-stalker-falling-to-pieces-episode-14-chapter-4-sneak-peek/ I woke in the darkness of my alcove. Kado snored lightly in the corner, leaning against the wall. He must have fallen asleep looking after me. Part of me wanted to just curl up with him. I felt a great need to be... Continue Reading →

Makari’s Mission Chapter 9 Sneak Peek

Makari’s Mission Chapter 9 Sneak Peek http://reneescattergood.com/makaris-mission-chapter-9-sneak-peek/ I spent the better part of the evening setting up more surveillance cameras around the neighborhood so I could watch their house. The best thing I could do now would be to track their movements for at least a few weeks to learn their daily patterns. Then I... Continue Reading →

Shadow Stalker: Falling to Pieces (Episode 14) Sneak Peek

Shadow Stalker: Falling to Pieces (Episode 14) Sneak Peek   http://reneescattergood.com/shadow-stalker-falling-to-pieces-episode-14-sneak-peek/ Kado wouldn’t let me leave his side for a couple of days, but then a big part of me didn’t want to. I needed his strength in order to cope, but he wouldn’t let me wallow forever. As soon as he was sure I wouldn’t... Continue Reading →

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