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Melissa Barker-Simpson: Mother, interpreter, pen-wielding conjurer, and author of the “Morgan and Fairchild” series has written a new novella, and if you haven’t guessed it already, it’s titled “The Fifth Watcher”.


“At the moment of Audrey Montgomery’s birth a new world came into existence. It is a barren place, a catalyst for the darkness spreading through the multidimensional system. The shift in power makes Audrey an invaluable pawn in a war between those who want to protect her and those who will go to extraordinary lengths to eliminate her.

 As a result, she has spent her life on the run, unaware of her true origins. When her father dies and leaves her with a shocking legacy, her life is irrevocably changed. If she has any hope of surviving, Audrey must embrace her new reality and trust a man who is as dark and uncertain as the future…

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Author Spotlight – Melissa Barker-Simpson


Behind the Scenes with Sci-Fi Author Melissa Barker-Simpson

The first time I wrote a science fiction novel I was fifteen. I haven’t thought about it in a long time, but it was a story I shared with my father, and one day I hope to revisit one day. Since that earlier attempt, no other characters emerged (except in short pieces of work), and since my process is character orientated, I went in a different direction – until the Fifth Watcher. The concept of the novel came to me after a discussion with my sister. We talked about the theory of alternate universes, shared our philosophies on the subject, and allowed our imaginations to create interesting new versions of ourselves. Shortly afterwards Audrey Montgomery was born and she certainly had a story to tell!

I allowed her to tell it, in my usual way, and pretty soon a new character began…

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Fiction Friday #24

Read an excerpt from The Fifth Watcher by Melissa Barker-Simpson!

The Fifth Watcher - Blitz ButtonExcerpt From


By Melissa Barker-Simpson.

I was five years old when they came for me. I don’t recall everything that happened, and perhaps I never will. But I know there were four of them.

They were dressed completely in black, blending into the shadows of my bedroom like wraiths in the night.
I couldn’t scream, couldn’t even move. I was frozen in a cocoon of fear, incapable of defending myself.

What happened after is a muddy web of confusion. I recall being bound and driven away from my home. It was dark inside the van. The only light came from the front, as we travelled beneath a series of streetlamps. They cast an unnatural glow, distorting my surroundings and feeding the fear.

I remember squeezing my eyes shut and wishing for home, praying with all my heart to be free of the nightmare. Then, nothing. Nothing…

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