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Going Obsolete

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?


I, first, learned to type on a manual typewriter. However that’s not the technology I miss the most. On manual typewrites, the keys were bad to get tangled together, especially if you typed fast, and I was a fast typer.

Manual Typewriter 1
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There was, also, problems with the ribbon, a typist had to live with. Changing the ribbons took a lot of time. There was no backspace/delete, so one had to use white-out or try to erase the errors. It was very hard to get a perfect looking article, essay, letter, manuscript, or report.

Thankfully, by the end of my high school years, the electric typewriter was on the market. I loved the electric typewriter’s. They are the ones I miss the most.

Electric Typewriter 1
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The electric typewriter was a great invention for fast typers. The keys didn’t lock up. The ribbon was held in place. All in all, it was easier to turn out a professional looking paper.

I worked on an electric typewriter, for nearly 15 years, before the first computers were made available to the public. Working on a computer has many benefits, but I still miss the electric typewriter.

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  1. The very first thing I purchased with my own money when I got out of college was an electric typewriter! I loved it and yes, I STILL have it! My parents on the other hand, preferred their old manual typewriter. They never liked the electric…. go figure!


      1. Yep! Very true! Believe it or not, my mother could type faster on her old manual than she could on my electric typewriter with fewer mistakes.


  2. I remember the manual typewriter. Maybe we still have one somewhere. I liked the bell. I have never been a superb typist. Electric ones were scary because while looking for a key another one would put x’s all the way across the page. I really appreciate what one can do with a computer, all the changes and embellishments easily made.


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