‘Second on the Right’ by Elizabeth Los – A Book Review

1 A Second On The Right by Elizabeth Los

‘Second on the Right’ by Elizabeth Los


An original retelling of the classic story, Second On The Right explores what really happened leading up to and including the events on the secluded island of Neverland. Forget what you know of that iconic novel, this story will shatter the characterizations of Captain Hook and Peter Pan that many have come to remember. Beginning in the 21st century, events lead from the present to the past, and back again. Eileen Reed is a young New Yorker who had always dreamed of becoming a doctor. One special trip will challenge not only her self-confidence, but change the course of her life as well. James Benedict is the CEO of a successful shipping company in England. Meeting an ancestor from his family line, he discovers his family’s secret history of piracy and his true destiny. As the stories of these two soul mates intertwine and grow together, an ageless evil arises to threaten it all. James finds his moral compass challenged as his world falls apart around him. He discovers how far he will go and what lines he will cross to keep what is rightfully his.


‘Second on the Right’ by Elizabeth Los, is a well written tale of the origin of Captain Hook and Peter Pan. The characters are full of personality. The tale takes a genealogical turn, where the main characters discover their ancestor’s were pirates.

Elizabeth Los’ tale takes her main characters back and forth in time, where we meet Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and the Lost Boys in Neverland.

‘Second on the Right’ is an unique tale. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it to those, of all ages, who enjoy reading a good fantasy.

I received a pdf of this book to read and give an honest review.

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