Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistibe ~ NaBloPoMo ~ #25


Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible
by Krista on November 26, 2013

Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.
I love fruits and vegetables, and that has been a good thing for me, because I lived off them for three years. When I first found out that I had Diabetes, it was in the 800’s range. I believe the exact number was 866. I should have been in a coma, my doctor’s said. Luckily, my problem was discovered before that happened and I pulled through.
At first, I was on insulin and a prescription medication. If a food was not listed on my diet, it did not go in my mouth. I was very diligent the first three years. My blood sugars were in the normal range, (80 – 120), so I was able to stop the insulin and just take the one prescribed medication. Getting off insulin was such a relief. I still kept to my diet diligently; I did not want to go through that again.
I cannot say that there is a food that I simply could not turn down, because I did turn many foods down, over and over again.
I’ve got a great Mom, and she could not stand to watch everyone else eating, while I munched on some baby carrots. We put our heads together and started looking at some Diabetic Recipes, and rearranging some of my old favorites to include wheat flour and Splenda.
Today, my mom can whip up a ‘mean’ Red Velvet Cake that is both delicious and free of white flour and sugar. I still don’t divulge too often, and my blood sugars are still in the normal range, so I figure I can divulge a little.
1 A Cake Red Velvet

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