Persimmon Tree Is Looking for Articles about Activism

Persimmon Tree Dear readers and writers, The Editorial Board would like to devote the Spring issue to Politics and Activism. We were inspired to try this by the many responses to the topic Activism for Short Takes. If you are also inspired, send us stories — we need fiction as well as non-fiction — for... Continue Reading →

Aromatherapy Tip of the Day – November 11, 2013

Logo by Hemant Today’s Aromatherapy Tip of the Day: November 11, 2013 is a continuation of Methods of Use. METHODS OF USE (A Continuation) Yesterday, we left off with Aroma Lamps, Diffusers, and Oil Burners. If you are in need of an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner, please visit: Today we are going... Continue Reading →

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