Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is a small tree that grows wild in the deserts of Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia. The tree has abundant resin that exudes a milky juice which harden to ‘tears’. The ‘tears’ are collected and steam distilled into Essential Oil. Frankincense Essential Oil has a balsamic aroma with sweet undertones. It has an ancient lineage and is one of the most famous scents in history. It is used as a base note in many perfumes.
Frankincense Essential Oil was valued as high as gold and was long used by the Egyptians for ceremonial and religious Purposes. It is mentioned several times in the Bible.
Frankincense Essential Oil acts as an antiseptic, expectorant, and sedative. It is effective for healing injuries, scars, and wounds. It is very useful for treating asthma. Essential Oil of Frankincense reduces tension and lifts the spirit.
Following are some Recipes, using Frankincense Essential Oil, that you may find helpful.

Respiratory Blend
Blend together with 1 ounce Carrier Oil
10 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
3 drops Benzoin Essential Oil
2 drops Lavender Essential Oil
Use 3-5 drops in an aroma lamp. Use 8-10 drops as a chest massage or poultice. Place 8-10 drops in a warm bath and soak for at least 30 minutes.

Skin Blend
Blend together with 1 ounce Carrier Oil
6 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
5 drops Rose Essential Oil
4 drops Neroli Essential Oil
Use 5-8 drops on a poultice placed on wound. Use 8-10 drops as a skin massage for healing scars and wrinkles. Place 8-10 drops in bath.

Emotion Blend
Blend together with 1 ounce Carrier Oil
8 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
4 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
3 drops Mandarin Essential Oil
Use 3-5 drops in an aroma lamp for a deep relaxation during meditation. Use 8-10 drops in a massage oil for the shoulders and arms to reduce tension. Place 8-10 drops in bath to release stress and lift the spirits. This blend can also be worn as a body perfume; 1 drop behind each ear and 1 drop on each wrist.

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