Daily Prompt: I Pledge Allegiance

Daily Prompt: I Pledge Allegiance by michelle w. on August 31, 2013 Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you? ~~~~~~~~ I really don't like getting into political discussions. I do love my country and I appreciate each and every one who has fought for this country; especially those who fought and died.... Continue Reading →

Booking Through Thursday

Quantity or Quality? August 29, 2013 Which is more important? Quality for your reading? Or quantity? ~~~~~~~~ Definitely quality. I may read a quantity of books, but I like for them to be quality books also. I prefer enjoying a book and getting something from it I will treasure forever. Read more at: https://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com/category/booking-through-thursday/ Visit:... Continue Reading →

Aromatherapy Update

New update in 'Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oil'. Parsley Essential Oil has been added. Visit: https://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com/aromatherapy-information-about/spiritual-and-magical-properties-of-essential-oils/ You might also like to read: https://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/parsley-essential-oil/ And: https://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com/general-effects-of-essential-oils-on-different-body-systems/

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