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On Self-esteem
Posted on May 27, 2013 by galuri85

Did you know that a lot of your self-esteem problems are buried deep into your subconscious mind?
Yes, I have learned this over the years.

That the need to impress, to seek validation, to win someone’s approval and get others to like you can really be from big things in your past and childhood?
Yes, I have learned this over the years, also. I still suffer from PTSD related to a childhood episode.

If you’re not self-confident in an entirely new environment or able to express yourself as a person who matters, these patterns, relationships and beliefs will keep ruining your level of confidence and how you relate with other powerful people.
I do have low self-esteem, but it is something that I have recognized and am working on with a therapist.

Even the subtleties of trying to get a cool or popular person to like you can come across very clear to them and entirely prevent a relationship.
I recognize when I am projecting ‘need’ and work to change that projection. It makes it easier to work on changing when you bring it forth from your subconscious and recognize it.

Plus, this has everything to do with you and people from the opposite sex (if you’re single and looking for love). You may be projecting you ‘need’ their approval without even being conscious of it.

You gotta do something about it. When you are fulfilled from within, you don’t ‘need’ anything from anyone outside of you to fill that gap or void.
This is easier said than done and is a long process. Work with intention and stick with it. You will eventually see a change, which makes you happy and feel more self-confident.

This is when the world of freedom, power and expression in total self-confidence opens up to you to live in greater happiness, success and getting more of what you want (instead of unknowingly chasing it away).
This is the stage I’m in now.

Your self-esteem can be unshakable. I am not asking you to be an arrogant, self-centered bastard, but an open-minded person who is able to see the power that lies within yourself.

I want you to treat everyone the same way, as human beings, and you soon will realize how others will look at you.

Soon someone (or many people) will find YOU.

To your success!

Get inspired, inspire others!

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6 thoughts on “Self-Esteem

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  1. Thank you for your honesty. I suffered for a long time feeling inadequate and unloved. Working through all the childhood and young adult trauma’s eventually resulted in the confident person I am today. It is a journey worth pursuing.


    1. It is a journey worth pursuing and little breakthroughs bring the needed encouragement to continue working toward self-confidence.
      Thank you, Lily, for stopping by, reading, and commenting. 🙂


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