Booking Through Thursday

My brother-in-law turns 50 this weekend. So, in his honor, please pick up your nearest book or whatever book you’re currently reading, and turn to page 50 and then share the first 50 words with the rest of us.
(Do feel free to round this off, to stop and start with complete sentences, though.)

mothers & daughters by Rae Meadows

They lived on the Eastside near the north shore of Lake Monona in a funky-shabby neighborhood of old Victorians and Craftsman bungalows, a few blocks from a food co-op and a vegan coffee shop, a soup kitchen, and a single-room occupancy residence.

Booking Through Thursday

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  1. “Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who, though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone.
    And this also, though the word lie heavy upon your hearts:
    The murdered is not unaccountable for it’s own murder,
    And the robbed is not blameless in being robbed.

    From The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran”

    Congratulations to your brother, may he have many more filled with love and laughter!


  2. I do not have a book handy right now – but i know exactly where this neighborhood is – in Madison, WI – that is being described in the book your reading.

    i do have a book – the National Electrical Code – booooring…..


  3. Let me find a book, hang on …

    Okay, I stole my brother’s book “The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories” by HP Lovecraft. Here’s the first 50 from 50:

    “Of Herbert West, who was my friend in college and in after life, I can speak only with extreme terror. This terror is not due altogether to the sinister manner of his recent disappearance, but was engendered by the whole nature of his life-work, and first gained its acute form more than seventeen years ago, when we were in the third year of our course at Miskatonic University Medical School in Arkham.”

    Oooooooh, creepy 😀 Happy birthday to your brother-in-law!


  4. A hallmark birthday to celebrate – a coming of age! I’m doing another edit-read-through of a novel I’ve finished this year, At the Water’s Edge. I hope you’ll humor me in allowing me to share from p. 50 of my final draft:

    Before he could feel elated at accomplishing this near impossible feat, before he completely processed himself slipping soundlessly into the water, panic took hold of him. For once hitting his cold and wet target, he found that he, incredibly and uncharacteristically, couldn’t swim. Instead, he kept sinking, deeper and deeper,…

    Come to think of it, that wasn’t a good 50th birthday choice at all!!!!!! (It was akin to black balloons being hung on the mailbox.) Back to the drawing board…


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