Healthy Home Holiday Cleaning Part III

How do you dilute ThievesĀ® Household Cleaner? Let's make it simple! Thieves cleaner comes in a concentrated form. With one bottle of Thieves Cleaner, you can make about 29 16 oz. spray bottles using the medium degreasing ratio. There are approximately 60 capfuls of the cleaner in each bottle. Light Degreasing Ratio: One cap Thieves... Continue Reading →

Tormented Official Blog Tour: September 17 through October 5, 2013

Tormented (The Gates Legacy) (Volume 2) by Lorenz Font Summary: Tor Burns is a non-infected vampire who has taken refuge in the Tack Enterprises underground facility. Having survived a vicious attack with his fellow vampire Harrow, he now has a new purpose. Vampires afflicted with Gates Syndrome are still being hunted, and Tor is committed... Continue Reading →

Herbal Liniments

Herbal Liniments Simple to make, herbal liniments are a great element for any home medicine cabinet! They offer instant relief for pain, inflamed muscles, bruises, and sprains. Depending on which botanicals are included, liniments can be used to disinfect cuts and wounds, and may benefit a variety of conditions including sore and inflamed muscles,... Continue Reading →

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