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Lunar News — Feb. 23, 2019 23rd-Sun trine Moon in Scorpio Moon opposition Mars25th-moon trine Mercury Moon sextile Venus26th-Sun sq. Moon Waning Half Moon27th-Moon sq. Mercury Sun sextile Mars28th-Moon trine Mars Sun sextile Moon1st-Venus moves into AquariusMoon moves through: Scorpio / Sagittarius / Capricorn Saturday—Moon phases are really a Sun-Moon relationship. The Sun energizes all Moon... Continue Reading →

We’Moon Lunar News

Lunar News—January 26, 2019 Moon opposition Mars andMoon sextile Venus  the 26thMoon square Mercury and Waning Half Moon in Scorpio the 27thMoon conjunct Mercury the 29thMoon sextile Mercury and Trine Mars the 30thMoon conjunct Venus the 31stMoon moves through: Scorpio / Sagittarius / Scorpio Saturday: Challenging Moon/Mars aspects instigate irritability, willfulness, anger, hurry, a competitive or... Continue Reading →

We’Moon Lunar News

Lunar News — December 8, 2018 Moon sextile Venus the 8thMoon sextile Mars the 9thMoon sextile Mercury the 10thMoon square Venus the 11thMercury into Sagittarius the 12thMoon square Mercury the 13thMoon trine Venus the 13thMoon conjunct MarsMoon moves through: Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces Mercury is our sense of communication, travel and thought.Venus is about our relationships, love, sense of beauty abd... Continue Reading →

New Moon Horoscopes with Chani Nicholas

https://chaninicholas.com/2018/12/horoscopes-for-the-new-moon-in-sagittarius-december-2018/ December 6th 11:20 PM PT – New Moon at 15° of Sagittarius The last new moon of 2018 has us going out on an incredibly high note. Next to Jupiter, its ruler, this new moon is auspiciously situated. Jupiter loves to help out. It’s a planet that brings bounty where there was lack. An... Continue Reading →

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