Nightmares by Donna Jean McDunn Book Tour and Giveaways

What Nightmares is about [the blurb on the back cover]: Eighteen-year old Emily Preston has it all. She’s beautiful, strong and confident. But just weeks before graduating from high school, the nightmares she’d experienced as a child, begin to plague her once more. When a mysterious voice warns that she must remember her past and... Continue Reading →

15 Favorite Books

One of my new blogging buddies, Bulging Buttons at: stole this prompt from Lynne McAennyl, who used it in her blog. Now, I'm borrowing it for my blog. Feel free to borrow it and pass it along. I'm always interested in anything to do with books. 🙂 The Rules: Don’t take too long... Continue Reading →

Inner Peace & Sunshine Award

I’ve Been Awarded the Inner Peace Award and the Sunshine Award by Kate Lester at: Thanks Kate. I am honored. 🙂 Alas, as with anything in life, there are rules for these awards: 1. Display the logos on a post. 2. Thank the person who nominated you and link to his/her site. (See... Continue Reading →

The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt

I thought some of you might be interested in this: The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt This will be a five week event with over 100 challenges to complete for points, skills and glory. We’ll be taking you through the paces of networking and guest posting, mastering the social web, multi-media, writing, researching and... Continue Reading →

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