My Name is Tamsin – A Book Review

My Name is Tamsin by J R SmithAMAZON SUMMARYSet in a time where the countries of the world are united and the first One World President is to be elected, two children on opposite sides of the planet are brought together. They find themselves drawn into a governmental conspiracy and hunted by a cult intent... Continue Reading →

St. Valentine’s Day Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine? by Ben Huberman on February 10, 2014 What does St. Valentine's Day mean to me? It means romance; a romantic candle-light dinner for two, some new slinky lingerie, a dozen roses, new jewelry, a box of chocolates, and, of course, sex. I think St. Valentine's Day can mean... Continue Reading →

Darkness Forbidden – Book Review

Darkness Forbidden By J. M. Rankin Book Review Book Description: What you can't have, you can never resist. Immortal, ruthless, cunning... Obsessed with the fatally seductive and evil Nadia, Alex Demeter finds himself intrigued by Catrina, a human with a past she cannot escape. Disturbed by his distraction, Nadia wagers the ultimate prize -- the... Continue Reading →

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