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Stress Reducing Essential Oil Recipe

The Holiday’s are approaching; time for cleaning, cooking, shopping, wrapping, and family gatherings. Unfortunately, stress is a part of it all. Essential Oils can help. Following is a Stress Reducing Essential Oil Recipe:

Add the following essential oils to one ounce carrier oil:

8 drops Lavender http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/lavender-40-42-essential-oil/profile

8 drops Melissa http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/lemon-balm-essential-oil/profile

7 drops Myrtle http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/myrtle-essential-oil/profile

7 drops Neroli http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/neroli-orange-flower-essential-oil/profile

7 drops Nutmeg http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/nutmeg-essential-oil/profile

7 drops Sandalwood http://edge.affiliateshop.com/public/AIDLink?AID=138229&Redirect=/products/sandalwood-australian-essential-oil/profile

Swirl gently to make sure all oils are thoroughly blended.

Add 8 to 10 drops to your bath; Wear 4 to 8 drops as a body perfume; Mix 3 to 5 drops with water in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.

This blend will help you to relieve stress and help bring you the energy you need. It will bring you peace as you focus on your preparations and celebrations.

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