Silver Pages on the Lawn – Book Review

Image courtesy of Silver Pages on the Lawn : A Student Love Story of the Depression Years of the 1930s By: Nora Lourie Percival AMAZON SUMMARY A true story of lovers and their star-crossed romance that endures parental disapproval as well as the want of time, money, and privacy. To bridge long separations, they... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could by Ku

Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could One Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing By Ku Kuruk is a Malamute from Alaska. Kuruk wanted to write a book and tell everyone, (human and animal), "the story of my rescue and my healing journey". Kuruk is a bit of a poet, too, and loves Haiku's. You will find... Continue Reading →

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