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Top 5 Essential Oils for Healing with Aromatherapy

Top 5 Essential Oils for Healing with Aromatherapy

Top 5 Essential Oils

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know that aromatherapy and perfuming are high on my list of passions, which is why I want to share with you my top 5 essential oils for healing with aromatherapy.

Because essential oils come from plants, they carry the energetic properties of the plant they were extracted from. So when you work with these sacred tools, you’re layering the energy of the plant medicine with the magic of aromatherapy. For example, an oil like Patchouli, may be antibacterial, anti-fungal, and carry attraction and abundance energy.

At the same time that you are invoking these medicinal and metaphysical properties, you are also tapping into the response of the body to the aroma of the oil.

This is where the olfactory system, which is strongly linked to our deepest subconscious, comes in. We can literally tap into our deepest memories through the power of scent. If you’d like to learn more about the aromatherapy classes I teach, click here.

So now let’s explore the top 5 essential oils for healing with aromatherapy.


No discussion on the benefits of essential oils can begin without first singing the praises of the versatile and wonderfully aromatic lavender. One of the most popular essential oils for aromatherapy, lavender has an amazing smell that is gentle enough for most, but which still packs a remarkably powerful punch. Lavender essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the plant and then steam distilled. Well known for its curative properties, including stress relief, this oil can be used in countless ways. The word lavender comes from the Latin ‘lavera’, which literally means to wash.

Lavender essential oil is famous for its calming and relaxing properties, but did you know it possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties? Lavender essential oil has been used to alleviate pain and swelling of achy joints and can ease sore muscles as well.

This is an ideal essential oil to use in your bathing rituals. Just a few drops in a warm bath will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for new challenges. Lavender essential oil is a favorite amongst massage therapists to help relax their clients. If you have trouble sleeping consider adding a little lavender to your diffuser, or feel free to anoint your pillow or headrest to encourage more restful sleep.


Did you smell that? Or rather, did you feel that? A naturally cooling agent, it only takes a quick whiff of peppermint to put the bounce back into your step. Peppermint essential oil is potent, so keep that in mind when you choose to work with it. The menthol component in peppermint can be an irritant for many people, and contact with the eyes should be strictly avoided. But it is this cooling effect which has made peppermint so valuable for aromatherapy and healing throughout the world.

A naturally occurring hybrid of spearmint and watermint, peppermint essential oil has a remarkably refreshing effect that can be effectively used to stimulate mental awareness and encourage alertness. It also boosts energy. Unlike lavender, peppermint essential oil is extracted before the plant actually blossoms, and is then steam distilled.

A favorite amongst the ancient Romans, who prized it for its welcoming aroma and medicinal properties, peppermint primarily works its magic by reducing inflammation. It brings relief from joint and muscle pain, dissolves headaches, and can also be used to help clear up various skin conditions. Nausea, gas, bloating, and other digestive issues respond amazingly to the cooling effects of peppermint. In fact, peppermint was used as far back as Ancient Egypt to aid with digestion.

Tea Tree

Tea tree is by far one of the most popular and effective essential oils for aromatherapy. A native of Australia, tea tree oil is famously known for its antimicrobial benefits. The local Aborigines used tea tree oil as an effective antiseptic for thousands of years before European contact, and legend has it that the name ‘tea tree’ actually came from the British explorer Captain Cook. Tea tree oil has a delightfully fresh, herbal aroma, and much like peppermint, this essential oil is very potent and contact with the eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided.


Tea tree essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree and steam distilled. There are so many ways to use this oil. Tea tree essential oil can be inhaled through a humidifier, but it can also be applied directly to the skin through a neutral lotion, oil, or cream which can then be massaged into the skin. Another wonderful way of benefitting from tea tree’s medicinal properties is to add a few drops to your warm bath and allow yourself to enjoy a nice, invigorating soak that will leave you deeply cleansed and feeling refreshed.


Another native of Australia, eucalyptus is a powerful essential oil with an incredibly recognizable scent. Known for its fresh and minty aroma, this essential oil is primarily used to treat respiratory diseases, but it also enhances concentration and focus. A powerful antimicrobial and autoimmune stimulant, eucalyptus is highly prized as an ingredient in decongestant chest rubs and many topical pain relievers.

Eucalyptus essential oil’s properties don’t stop there. It can also be used as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, decongestant, and as a diuretic. Much like peppermint, eucalyptus also has cooling properties which help it fight migraines and fevers. This cooling capability also relieves muscle aches and pains.

Eucalyptus essential oil can also be used to help treat colds and flus and nourish hair. If you’re under the weather, just a few drops of oil in your diffuser will help cleanse your body of the toxins which are making you feel sick. If you suffer from dandruff or an itchy scalp, feel free to rub some eucalyptus essential oil into your scalp to give your hair a rejuvenating moisturizing treatment.


Frankincense is one of the oldest and most useful essential oils in the world. Extracted from the resin of one of four species of the genus Boswellia, this essential oil is well-known as a traditional incense that can boast a range of amazing curative properties as well. In fact, its roots as a sacred incense are so deep that it has been used throughout history and across several cultures in numerous spiritual and religious ceremonies.

Frankincense has a unique aroma which is hard to describe in words. It is a perfect combination of woodsy, earthy, and citrus and it compliments almost every other essential oil you can think of. Frankincense essential oil can be used to boost low spirits, relieve stress, and to aid with digestion. It is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. It is also known that frankincense oil can help minimize the appearance of scars and can be used to help minor wounds heal faster. Insect bites and other skin ailments respond very well to this ancient oil.

Enjoy exploring the magic of aromatherapy, dear ones.


These 6 Essential Oils Are Great Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Medicines

These 6 Essential Oils Are Great Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Medicines 

by Seth M
Expanded Consciousness

The pharmaceutical industry has come under fire recently in light of overwhelming evidence suggesting the production of malicious medications that actually keep people sick, and thus reliant on drugs. “The Truth About Cancer” documentary series is a great place to start if you’re just now learning about the true nature of prescription drugs.

As one could imagine, people have become completely turned off to the idea of pharmaceuticals, and are seeking out new, natural and alternative treatment options. Including essential oils. Derived from various plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and other naturally-occurring substances, essential oils are used for a variety of different reasons, including improving one’s overall health and well-being.

There are over 90 different essential oils available today; here are six that are used for everyday purposes:


A natural favorite for many people, Lavender can be applied to almost any part of the body and tastes great when mixed into lemon water. Health benefits of this essential oil include reduced anxiety, faster healing of wounds, improved sleep, healthy skin complexion, anti-aging properties, relief from joint pain, and it fights symptoms of diabetes.


Lemon, as you may or may not know, is chock-full of healthy properties. It can be used in cleaning solutions, soaps, and toothpastes, or as a breath freshener. Lemon oil provides health benefits like improved oral hygiene, improved digestive functioning, sore throat relief, stomach pain and nausea relief, and even acts as an aid in weight loss.


Considered one of the more versatile essential oils, peppermint can be used for a lot of things. Not only is it perfect for muscle pain and migraines, but it also helps treat sinus infections, itching of the skin, sunburns, fevers, ADHD, and can improve hair health. It’s also been seen to be effective in treating cancer, to some extent.


This essential oil is often referred to as the “king of oils,” and with good reason. It is great for people seeking to reduce stress levels, reach deeper levels of meditation, improve the health of their skin, or reduce the visibility of stretch marks and scars. It also provides a healthy boost to the immune system, helping to prevent how often you get sick.


This essential oil is perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of clarity to their life. It naturally promotes improved memory function, clarity of the mind, relaxation, and calmness. And, as an added bonus, it’s a natural aphrodisiac, so you can use it to spice things up in the bedroom!

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is a great solution for dealing with problems relating to the skin and the respiratory system. Not only is great for treating ingrown hairs, but it also helps treat acne, chickenpox, cold sores, respiratory infections, earaches, fungal infections, head lice, psoriasis, and halitosis.


Full Moon Gratitude and Thankfulness Essential Oil Recipe

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Full Moon Gratitude and Thankfulness Essential Oil Recipe

Mix the following essential oils into 1 oz. carrier oil:

15 drops Cinnamon

15 drops Lavender

15 drops Peppermint

Swirl gently, until all oils are thoroughly mixed.

Use 3 to 5 drops to anoint candles; Use 3 to 5 drops in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.

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Forever Living Essential Oils

FLP Essential Oils

Forever Living Essential Oils

As a Certified Aromatherapist, I can vouch for Forever Living’s excellent quality in their line of Essential Oils. You can purchase the individual essential oils, (Lavender, Lemon, or Peppermint), or the essential oil blends, (At Ease, Defense, or Soothe).

If you have anyone on your ‘Gift List’ this Holiday Season that enjoys essential oils, why not gift them with one of the following:

Christmas Gift

FLP Essential Oils

The Forever™ Essential Oil Bundle features one of each Forever™ Essential Oil single notes (15ml) – Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint and blends (10ml) – At Ease, Defense and Soothe, for a full, immersive essential oil experience.

Forever Living Essential Oil Tri-Pak

The Forever™ Essential Oil Tri-Pak features 5ml sample sizes of all 3 single notes: peppermint, lemon and lavender.  The box was created for a fantastic user experience.

lavender essential oil flp

Forever Living provides nature’s purest Lavender Oil to soothe, relax and calm.

The use of Lavender can be traced back
centuries to ancient Greek and Roman texts and the Bible where it was used along with Aloe, spices and herbs to prepare temples for religious rites.

Grown and harvested in Bulgaria due to ideal climate and soil, Forever™ Essential Oils Lavender contains high levels of Linlayl acetate, which gives Lavender its fruity sweet aroma and high levels of Terpenes, providing maximum benefits.

Forever™ Essential Oils Lavender – 100% Pure. 100% Peace.

lemon essential oil flp

For centuries, the citrus lemon has been used throughout the world for its scent as well as for its cleansing and beautifying properties.

Grown and harvested in the United States, lemons are harvested by hand and cured for several days to allow the fruit to fully ripen. When the fruit reaches the perfect ripeness, it becomes juicier and the highest quality essential oil is produced.

Forever Living provides nature’s purest Lemon Oil to support the immune system and promote healthy digestion.*

Forever™ Essential Oils Lemon – 100% Pure. 100% Powerful.

peppermint essential oil flp

Forever™ Essential Oils Peppermint is made from plants that are grown and harvested by the same farm for over 85 years with naturally higher menthol content, providing the cooling effect that peppermint is known for. Forever Living provides nature’s purest Peppermint Oil to invigorate and refresh.

The use of peppermint dates back to ancient Roman and Greek culture when peppermint was used as décor and an aromatic in addition to being a popular flavoring in sauces and foods.

To ensure quality, each Forever Essential Oil goes through several steps. A carefully selected team of experts with years of experience in growing, cultivating and producing essential oils evaluate each oil using smell, sight or organoleptic verification. An FC-MS lab analysis is performed to ensure that each batch of essential oils meets the quality and potency required by Forever.

Forever™ Essential Oils Peppermint – 100% Pure. 100% Fresh.

Carrier Oil flp

If a person wished to make their own blends, they will need a good Carrier Oil.

Forever™ Essential Oils Carrier Oil is a light emollient fluid fortified with some of the finest natural ingredients and antioxidants. The
carrier oil starts with a derivative of coconut oil, (caprylic/capric triglyceride), which is colorless and odorless and easily absorbs into the skin. Because it is colorless and odorless, it is an ideal carrier for our pure essential oils.

Forever Carrier Oil is fortified with vitamins A, C and E along with borage oil, rose hips oil, sesame oil and apricot kernel oil. This powerful blend of antioxidant vitamins and natural oils rejuvenates the skin at the same time it helps deliver the benefits of the Forever Essential Oils.

The true foundation of Forever™ Essential Oils Carrier Oil is pure stabilized Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, which naturally penetrates and nourishes our skin and is one of natures perfect carriers. Forever™ Essential Oil Carrier Oil is
formulated to work synergistically with each Forever™ Essential Oil to maximize their unique benefits.

The key that differentiates this exclusive formula is our combination of Squalene, Rose Hips, Sesame Seed, Apricot in a base of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  This unique blend is much more supportive of the skin and provides deeper penetration for greater overall effectiveness.

Forever Essential Oils - At Ease

You can also purchase an essential oil blend as a gift.

The Forever Living Essential Oil blends are each made up of several carefully selected oils for maximum results. Gathered from the best sources throughout the world, each note is scientifically selected and blended for the highest potency and efficacy combination.

Forever™ Essential Oils At Ease is made from carefully selected pure botanical oils gathered from the best sources throughout the world, including France, Russia, China, The United States, Egypt and Spain.

Forever™ Essential Oils At Ease blend
provides a perfectly balanced blend of nature’s purest Wintergreen, Lavandin, Eucalyptus, Coriander, Olibanum, Rosemary, Chamomile, Peppermint, Basil and Origanum, specially selected to promote harmony, calm and peace.

Forever™ Essential Oils At Ease – 100% Pure. 100% Calm.

Defense flp

The Forever Living Essential Oil blends are each made up of several carefully selected oils for maximum results. Gathered from the best sources throughout the world, each note is scientifically selected and blended for the highest potency and efficacy combination.

Forever™ Essential Oils Defense is from carefully selected pure botanical oils gathered from the best sources throughout the world, including India, Nepal, Somalia, The United States, Madagascar and Hungary.

Forever™ Essential Oils Defense blend provides a perfectly balanced blend of nature’s purest Clove bud, Orange, Cinnamon bark, Rosemary, Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Juniper berry to support the immune system.*

Forever™ Essential Oils Defense – 100% Pure. 100% Strong.

Forever Essential Oils - Soothe

Forever Living Soothe Essential Oil Blend    provides a perfectly balanced blend of nature’s purest Wild Mint, Wintergreen, Camphor, Ylang Ylang, and Chamomile, specially selected to penetrate and soothe.

Forever™ Essential Oils Soothe is made from carefully selected pure botanical oils gathered from the best sources throughout the world, including India, China, Madagascar and Egypt.

Forever™ Essential Oils Soothe – 100% Pure. 100% Relaxed.

For further information, watch the video:


How To Make Natural Wax Candles

Make Your Own Candles: Beeswax and Carnauba WaxCandles are wonderful tools and delightful additions to any space, especially as fall and winter bring chilly darkness to our days. This flickering source of light adds natural ambience to a cozy room, or a comforting feeling of warmth while you read a good book. They can be used to heat essential oils in a diffuser, or be lit to set the mood during a special dinner with your sweetie.

Homemade candles are easy, fun, and affordable. Not only are they the perfect project for craft night, candles also make the sweetest holiday or birthday gifts for just about anyone. Plus, you can be really creative! While making candles is mostly just melt and pour, you can also formulate a blend of essential oils to create a special scent.

Here are some things to consider before making your candles…

Make Your Own Candles: Beeswax and Carnauba Wax


Beeswax candles are a favorite among many folks for the naturally sweet, honey-like smell that beeswax produces when burned. It also burns slowly, which is something to take into consideration when purchasing wicks and containers. If using 100% beeswax (without fats like coconut oil, palm oil, or cocoa butter) it is necessary to either buy wicks that are one size larger than recommended or purchase high temperature wicks in the correct size range. I recommend a mix of roughly 75% beeswax to 25% coconut oil.

Beeswax alone will tend to cave in at the top as it solidifies, due to the outside wax cooling faster than the inside. Mixing the beeswax with coconut oil helps the candle solidify at a more even temperature and reduces the likelihood of center collapse, although it can still happen. For this reason, it’s good practice to leave space at the top of your jar, so you can cover up any caving in after the initial pour has cooled with a little more melted wax.

Vegan Option:

For those of us who prefer not to use beeswax, carnauba wax is an option. Carnauba wax is the hardest natural wax available. Because this wax is so hard and has such a high melting point, it is not a good idea to make a candle out of 100% carnauba wax. I experimented with diluting the carnauba wax with coconut oil and found the best solution is a 50/50 combination. This will lower the overall melting temperature, making it easier to get a nice looking – and well-burning – candle out of your hard work. Crafting with carnauba wax does require a bit of patience, with a melting temperature above 180 degrees. I recommend using a wick size up or high temperature wicks on all carnauba based candles.

Making Scented Candles with Organic Essential Oils:

From refreshing citrus or peppermint, to evergreen cheer and floral geranium, naturally scented candles are such a lovely way to incorporate aromatherapy into your space. If you’d like to use essential oils to scent your homemade candles, you’ll need to add more essential oil than you would for a typical body care recipe ratio or even natural cleaning recipes. The amount you’ll want to use is similar to what you’d find in soap recipes, since much of the essential oil dissipates when mixed into the hot wax. I recommend 1/2 oz to 1 oz essential oil per 8 oz of melted candle wax. I used roughly 200 drops of essential oil per 4 oz of wax, and found this to be a good ratio for strong aromas like lavender. However, for lighter smelling essential oils, you can go higher.

Containers and Wicks: 

You can use any container you like, but the size will determine the wick size. Colleen, our QA/QC Office Lead, loves these Clear Glass Salve Jars for making beeswax candles. The 1 oz size lasts 4 to 5 hours. Our Pantry Jars would be an excellent choice for gifts!

I recommend buying your wicks in bulk through an online supplier, for the most cost effective and sustainable method. You can buy 25 yards at a time for under $10 through several e-retailers. You’ll need to use their catalog or sizing chart to find out which wick to use for your container size, since the wick size is determined by the diameter of the container. If you are using 100% beeswax with no fat added (such as coconut oil), you’ll want to use either a High Temperature Wick or buy a size larger than recommended to ensure an even burn. If you are using carnauba wax, you’ll want to use a high temperature wick or buy a size up, even when mixing with coconut oil. Buying the wrong size wick could result in an uneven burn that will create a pit down the center of your candle, rather than burning from the top down evenly, and burning ‘out’ before making it through all of your precious wax.

Make Your Own Candles: Beeswax and Carnauba WaxMaterials Needed:


  • In a double boiler, heat the wax/fat blend until melted together. Insert a candy thermometer in the center of the mixture. If you are working with an open flame, you do not want to heat your wax too close to the flash point. For beeswax this is 200 degrees F. This is the lowest flash point of most of the materials you will work with (coconut oil is near 350 degrees F). It’s important to look up flash points for materials you are working with if you are working with an open flame heat source!
  • Once melted, dip the wick end into the melted wax (only works for beeswax) and place in the center of your container. Press into the bottom of the container. The beeswax will solidify and hold your wick in place. This unfortunately does not work for carnauba wax. You can secure the wick end with a piece of tape, or pour a bottom layer of wax to cover the wick end and allow to cool while you hold the wick in place.
  • Next, suspend the wick in the middle of the container with a pencil or skewer by wrapping the excess length of wick around a pencil/skewer and balancing it horizontally across the jar opening.
  • Add essential oils while the melted wax blend is still on the heat source, right before you pour into your candle containers. Do one quick stir after all essential oils have been added.
  • Pour wax into containers, leaving roughly ½ inch of room at the top.
  • Leave Pyrex measuring cup in the heated water while your candles solidify.
  • Once they appear to be solid (this can take thirty to sixty minutes) you may notice that some have caved in slightly on the top. You can now top them off with the remaining wax, leaving ¼ inch of room at the top.
  • Once completely cooled (overnight is fine) remove wick holders and snip wicks to ½ inch.
  • Light and enjoy!


For easy clean up, cover a pan with aluminum foil or wax paper and place on the bottom rack of your oven. Put that wax coated Pyrex jar upside down on the top rack. Turn oven on to 180 degrees and allow to sit for an hour or so. All of the wax will melt down onto your pan – mess free. This is also a good method for prepping your used candle containers for reuse once you’ve burned them through and are ready to make more!

Article written by: Alieta

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Super Moon in Taurus

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Super Moon in Taurus


Full SuperMoon in Taurus:
Tuesday—October 27th
Taurus When the Moon’s in Taurus, our bodies, our garden, and our earthly connection need attention. The mood is stubborn, creative, fertile, and sensual, so slow down, get grouded, put in steady work, tend the body and feed the senses. Nurture rather than push. Plant seeds or ideas.
SuperMoon:  A SuperMoon is a New or Full Moon that occurs when the Moon is at or within 90% of perigee, its closest approach to Earth.  On average there are four to six SuperMoons each year.  Full SuperMoons could appear visually closer and brighter, and promote stronger tides.  Personally, we may use the greater proximity of SuperMoons to illuminate our inner horizons and deepen our self-reflections and meditations.
We’Moon Lunar News
Full Moon in Taurus Oil Recipe
Add the following essential oils to 1 oz. carrier oil:
15 drops Cypress 15 drops Ylang-Ylang
15 drops Eucalyptus
15 drops Peppermint 15 drops Ylang-Ylang
Swirl gently until all oils are thoroughly mixed.
Use 3 to 5 drops to anoint candles; Add 3 to 5 drops, to water, in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.
**Do not use this recipe on skin**

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Concentration Essential Oil Recipe

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Concentration Essential Oil Recipe

The alignment of the planets suggest we need to concentrate for the next few months to create a strategic plan to getting what we want.

Concentration Essential Oil Recipe
Blend together the following essential oils with 1 ounce of carrier oil:
15 drops Lemon
15 drops Peppermint
15 drops Rosemary
Swirl gently, until all oils are thoroughly mixed before each use.
Place 8 to 10 drops in bath; Wear 4 to 8 drops as a Body Perfume. Use 3 to 5 drops, added to water in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.
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