Stress Reducing Essential Oil Recipe

Stress Reducing Essential Oil Recipe The Holiday's are approaching; time for cleaning, cooking, shopping, wrapping, and family gatherings. Unfortunately, stress is a part of it all. Essential Oils can help. Following is a Stress Reducing Essential Oil Recipe: Add the following essential oils to one ounce carrier oil: 8 drops Lavender 8 drops Melissa... Continue Reading →

G is For Gonads, Gout, and Grief A to Z April Blogging Challenge G is for Gonads, Gout, and Grief Gonads are reproductive glands within the Endocrine System. In Saturday's 'E' post, I wrote about the Endocrine System. Following is a recipe for stimulating the reproductive glands: Add the following Essential Oils to 1/4 ounce of your chosen Carrier Oil: 5... Continue Reading →

Scentuality and Confidence

Logo by Hemant Scentuality and Confidence Ask most anyone what attracts them the most in another person, and the answer will be self-confidence. Scentuality and confidence are a reinforcing pair that go through life hand in hand. Without confidence, Scentuality is lost. Essential oils will come to the rescue. Once you recover your confidence, your... Continue Reading →

Aromatherapy Tip of the Day – December 29, 2013

Logo By Hemant Today’s Aromatherapy Tip of the Day: December 29, 2013 is a continuation of The Angelic Fragrances. ANGELIC FRAGRANCES MANDARIN Mandarin Essential Oil works to help one reconnect with the angelic keepers of our childhood, bringing back briefly the innocence of childhood prayers. MARJORAM Marjoram Essential Oil can be used to help assist... Continue Reading →

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