Indie Author – Melissa Barker-Simpson

On Day 9, (December 20th), Indie Author, Melissa Barker-Simpson, will take over our Facebook page, ‘12 Days of Christmas’. Melissa will provide us with a day of fun and a giveaway of her new novel, The Fifth Watcher, Worlds Apart Series, Book One Melissa Barker-Simpson fills her days with language and words so she doesn’t... Continue Reading →

The Fifth Watcher – A Book Review

Worlds Apart Series Book One The Fifth Watcher By: Melissa Barker-Simpson Synopsis At the moment of Audrey Montgomery’s birth a new world came into existence. It is a barren place, a catalyst for the darkness spreading through the multidimensional system. The shift in power makes Audrey an invaluable pawn in a war between those who... Continue Reading →

Hands of Evil: Delving into the Characters: Jonathon Jukes (JJ)

  Hands of Evil By: Melissa Baker-Simpson Delving into the Character of Jonathon Jukes (JJ) Jonathan Jukes (JJ) Bio Jonathan Jukes was born in Chelsea, England. His father left before he could walk and his mother succumbed to her heroin addiction when he was twelve, leaving him in the care of his sister. He... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour: Bio and Character Interview of Charles Macavoy

  The Bio of Charles Macavoy Followed By a wonderful interview by Ms. Kathryn Jenkins Charles Macavoy Born and raised in Fulham, Charles Macavoy has rarely ventured far from home. After losing his parents when still in High School, Charlie went off the rails for a while, until childhood friends, Derek and Grace helped him... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – Interview with Melissa Barker-Simpson

      INTERVIEW WITH MELISSA BARKER-SIMPSON  The day has finally come for our Launch Week-Blog Tour to begin with Melissa Barker-Simpson and her novel, Hands of Evil. Readers’ Corner is the second stop on the week-long tour…so their will be plenty more fun items like excerpts, book trailers, interviews of all kinds, and best... Continue Reading →

Hands of Evil – A Book Review – Blog Tour

SUMMARY Jonathan Jukes is accustomed to working alongside the police within his role as close protection officer at Morgan and Fairchild. But when Detective Sergeant Charles Macavoy requests the team’s help, JJ finds it’s his toughest case yet. A serial killer, whose calling card is to remove the hands of his victims, is targeting interpreters.... Continue Reading →

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