Aromatherapy for Mental Illness

A BRIEF HISTORY OF AROMATHERAPY AND MENTAL ILLNESS From prehistoric times until today, man has coped with mental illnesses. In prehistoric times, mental illnesses were thought to come from magical beings that interfered with the mind. Shamans would perform spells and rituals to cure a person from mental illnesses. Ancient Egypt was the first to... Continue Reading →

October Ancestry Challenge 2013: Ancestor #3 Ancestor #3 My 5th paternal great grandfather was John Beem. He was the son of Albert Beem and Sarah Halsell Beem. John was born in South Carolina, (probably Fairfield County). He lived his whole life in South Carolina. According to the 1800 U. S. Census, John was living in Fairfield County, South Carolina. The... Continue Reading →

October Ancestry Challenge 2013 Can you come up with 23 ancestors? Do you have family stories, photos, documents? Are you a history/genealogy/ancestry buff? Then please join us for the October Ancestry Challenge 2013!! The goal is to write 23 posts (Monday through Friday) in October about a different ancestor each day. Ancestor #1 My 8th paternal great-grandfather was... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Monologue: And now, The News

Bathroom Monologue: And now, The News Posted: 10 Aug 2013 06:30 AM PDT If everyone believes it, it's the truth. If enough people believe, it's history. If too many people believe it, it's a lie. If the minority believes it, it's a myth. If nobody believes it... well, there's no such thing. I had... Continue Reading →

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 1970 The First Earth Day On this day in history, the United States celebrated Earth Day for the first time. Senator Gaylord Nelson, of Wisconsin, created this event to help increase public awareness of the world's environmental problems. Millions of Americans participated in the First Earth Day by hosting rallies, marches, and educational... Continue Reading →

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