Bath Salts

  Home-Made Bath Salts Home-Made Bath Salts are easy to make. They are a great way to combine therapeutic benefits with the relaxing, soothing effects of essential oils. Add vitamin E, and the benefits soar. Vitamin E acts as an anti-inflammatory and as an antioxidant. It is very good for the skin. Some common skin... Continue Reading →



Changes As summer changes into fall, it is time to fully embrace Mother Nature’s wonderful and colorful changes. Be flexible like the season’s and willing to change for the better. Remember, it is never too late to change your life. I do not like change. I can do it gradually, like the changing of the... Continue Reading →

J is for Jaundice, Joints, and Jojoba Oil A to Z April Blogging Challenge J is for Jaundice, Joints, and Jojoba Oil Jaundice is treated by chest and stomach massage. Recipe for Adults with Jaundice Add the following Essential Oils to 1/4 ounce of your chosen Carrier Oil: 6 drops Grapefruit 5 drops Juniper 4 drops Rosemary Swirl gently until all oils... Continue Reading →

D is For Deodorant, Depression, and Diuretic A to Z April Blogging Challenge D is For Deodorant, Depression, and Diuretic Cypress Essential Oil, (Cupressus sempervirens), comes from the cones, leaves, and twigs of the Cypress tree. It is steam distilled from the plant matter, is clear with a hint of yellow, and has a pleasant Spicy, Smoky, and Woody aroma. Cypress... Continue Reading →

C is For Colds, Concentration, and Cystitis A to Z April Blogging Challenge C is for Colds, Concentration, and Cystitis Rosemary Essential Oil, (Rosmarinus officinalis), comes from a small shrub. The Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves. It is colorless with a refreshing Camphorous aroma. It is a good oil for common colds and concentration. For colds, try the... Continue Reading →

Scentuality and Confidence

Logo by Hemant Scentuality and Confidence Ask most anyone what attracts them the most in another person, and the answer will be self-confidence. Scentuality and confidence are a reinforcing pair that go through life hand in hand. Without confidence, Scentuality is lost. Essential oils will come to the rescue. Once you recover your confidence, your... Continue Reading →

Aromatherapy Tip of the Day – December 26, 2013

Logo by Hemant I hope that all of you were filled with the Festive Spirit of the Christmas Season! Today’s Aromatherapy Tip of the Day: December 26, 2013 is a continuation of The Angelic Fragrances. ANGELIC FRAGRANCES FENNEL ESSENTIAL OIL Fennel Essential Oil assists in physical matters, keeping the mind stable and functional, yet uplifted.... Continue Reading →

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