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Feng Shui – Water

Feng Shui – Water

Although the water element is important in Feng Shui to keep energy flowing and healthy, water features like ponds, fountains, and bowls can really boost the energy in your space. They can generate energy if it’s lacking and accumulate chi so prosperity can grow. They’re often situated with lotus flowers, gold ingots, dragons, money frogs, and other symbols of prosperity. Place some crystals around yours to amplify the energy even more! …


Feng Shui – Frog

Feng Shui – Frog


Frogs are an ancient Chinese symbol of good luck and prosperity. Many species of frogs are also endangered by human activities, such as habitat destruction and pollution. To make your yard into a frog-friendly habitat, consider adding a small pond. You can make frog houses out of clay pots turned upside down over a few stones. Keep water available in order to attract your lucky little friends. …

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