Love My Family

My youngest grandson is a typical 5 y/o with lots of energy! 🙂 Some days it is hard for him to calm down and get focused. Essential Oils have helped him immensely. Lavender works well and I have found that StressAway calms him immediately. KidScents GeneYus helps him get focused. My daughter gives him a... Continue Reading →

A Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

A Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse A Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Essential Oil Recipe Add the following essential oils to one ounce carrier oil: 8 drops Lavender 8 drops Melissa 7 drops Myrtle 7 drops Neroli 7 drops Nutmeg 7 drops Sandalwood Swirl gently to make sure all... Continue Reading →

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