Shadow Stalker: Separate Paths (Episode 10)

Shadow Stalker: Separate Paths (Episode 10) Author, Renee Scattergood Synopsis Now that Auren knows Shai, Kado's daughter, is in the same reconciliation center, she is determined to free Shai as well. Though when Auren meets her for the first time, she is repulsed by Shai's condition. Shai has been tortured daily in the months she... Continue Reading →

Moon Crossed (The Complete First Season): Season 1 (Episodes 1-6) – Book Review

Moon Crossed (The Complete First Season): Season 1 (Episodes 1-6) Author, Bella Roccaforte Book Synopsis Claire O'Conlan is a hunter, her kind were created to protect humans from feral werewolves. She's desperate to find a cure for the moon-touch. Until she does, the hunt won't stop. Despite being raised among supernatural creatures, Claire is determined... Continue Reading →

Shadow Stalker Episode 7: Bound By Fate – Book Review

Shadow Stalker Episode 7: Bound By Fate Book Review Author, Renee Scattergood Synopsis Auren escapes the Dark Isle to find things are worse on Appolia than she imagines. Very few have survived the invasion of the Galvadi Empire, and even her best friend, Jade, has gone missing. While attempting a rescue, Auren is captured and... Continue Reading →

The Grimms Chronicles ‘Pretty Things’ – Book Review

The Grimm Chronicles Pretty Things A Robber Bridegroom Tale Author, Christine Haggerty Book Review Synopsis When Maddie's father catches her with a boy, he hauls her into town in a pig wagon and finds her a husband. But Peter's cabin in the woods promises something very different than Maddie's happily ever after. Pretty Things, a... Continue Reading →

Shadow Stalker (Episode 5) – Book Review

Shadow Stalker (Episode 5) Destiny Reconciled (Part One) By: Renee Scattergood Book Review Shadow Stalker (Episode 5), by Renee Scattergood, simply blew me away. It is an awesome episode that is full of action, betrayal, emotion, love, pain, punishment, and regret. Author, Renee Scattergood, has a way of pulling the reader into the story where he/she... Continue Reading →

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