This morning I'm planting, what I call 'Hummingbird Vine Seed'. My bird feeders need filling, also, and since I've started seeing hummingbirds, I need to clean and fill my hummingbird feeder. I could use some Vitamin D, too, just don't need the pollen. Read: for more information about my hummingbird sighting. So, I'm off... Continue Reading →

Purple Faeries

Today, we are going to discuss 'Purple Faeries'. Purple Faeries are the Royal Aristocrats of Faeries. Picture courtesy of via Yahoo Images They are 'Troop Faeries' that rule 'Faery Land' with compassion and understanding. Picture courtesy of via Yahoo Images Faerie Land is a bright, sunny meadow on the slope of a large,... Continue Reading →

I am a child of the 60's not the 50's, but I found myself immersed in the Beat Generation of Writer's during the 80's. I loved Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg and read everything I could find about them and their work. Recently I received a prompt for writing like the Beat Generation.  So, I... Continue Reading →

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