Today we are going to talk about the Emerald. The name Emerald comes from the Latin word, smaragdus, meaning green gem. Along with Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires, Emerald is considered one of the four precious stones. Emerald is a form of the hard mineral, beryl. Emeralds are mined in Columbia, Egypt, Africa, South America, and... Continue Reading →

Graveyard of Resolutions

Graveyard of Resolutions by D. B. MauldinNo resolutions for me this yearAll past resolutions have been brokenNone of them even leaving a token.I have made them, said themwritten them down on a cardonly to find them dead, living in a graveyard.The graveyard of the dead, dying, and brokenunfulfilled past resolutionsnever receiving devotion.Today I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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