Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #86 Flash&Dance Ship tosses on waves. Lightning flashes; Thunder rolls. Ship washes ashore. An island, behold! Lush, greenery shines; rain wet. All hands on deck dance. Fairies shine their light Bobbing, Whirling all around Helping survivors. D.B. Mauldin #RonovanWritesHaikuChallenge Follow me at:    

White Faeries

Today, we will be discussing 'White Faeries'. White Faeries are considered to be 'Good Faeries'. They are full of fun and sunshine. Picture courtesy of via Yahoo Images They love water and can often be found residing near a body of water. Picture courtesy of via Yahoo Images White Faeries are 'Troop Faeries'.... Continue Reading →

Ruby Red

Today for 'Ruby Red Day', we are going to discuss the Red Faerie. Red Faeries are the smallest, (yet wildest), of the common Faerie. Picture courtesy via Yahoo Images They are most active from June through late August. Picture courtesy of via Yahoo Images Red Faeries love to dance and make music. They... Continue Reading →

Sisterhood-In-The-World-Bloggers Award

Thanks to Opalla (OpallaonTrails) for awarding me my 1st Sisterhood-In-The-World-Bloggers Award! Give her a visit at: Now to unveil the Award: Isn't she a beauty? I will proudly post her on my Awards page. 7 Things About Myself: 1. I used to play the piano, but haven't touched one in years. 2. I was... Continue Reading →

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