December Sale – Essential Oils & More

December Sale - Essential Oils & More Camphor Essential Oil (Cinnamomum camphora) Aroma Sharp, camphoraceous, woody undertone Overview Lumps of camphor wood have been worn around the neck to offer protection. Blends Well With Citrus oils, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, spice oils Herbal Miscellany Camphor oil can be found on the market under three different colors... Continue Reading →

Forever Living Essential Oils

Forever Living Essential Oils As a Certified Aromatherapist, I can vouch for Forever Living’s excellent quality in their line of Essential Oils. You can purchase the individual essential oils, (Lavender, Lemon, or Peppermint), or the essential oil blends, (At Ease, Defense, or Soothe). If you have anyone on your 'Gift List' this Holiday Season that... Continue Reading →

Essential Oils on Sale for November

I'm excited to offer some essential oil products to you at a discounted price! I hope you enjoy this month’s specials! Thank you for your support and I send my warmest wishes to all! Prices are good until November 30th! Cajeput (Melaleuca minor) Essential Oil Aroma Strong, slightly sweet, camphoraceous, medicinal. Overview It is known for producing a sensation of warmth.... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Libra Balancing Oil Recipe

When the Moon’s in Libra, the beauty way calls us to balance our lives and loves. The mood is sociable, friendly, open, diplomatic, romantic, curious, indecisive, and aesthetic. It’s time to pursue social justice and negotiate as equals, time to beautify our world and nurture relationships. …Yes, this life is a soar and a... Continue Reading →

A Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

A Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse A Full Harvest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Essential Oil Recipe Add the following essential oils to one ounce carrier oil: 8 drops Lavender 8 drops Melissa 7 drops Myrtle 7 drops Neroli 7 drops Nutmeg 7 drops Sandalwood Swirl gently to make sure all... Continue Reading →

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