We’Moon Lunar News

Lunar News—November 10, 2018 Moon sextile Venus and Mars the 10th Moon square Venus the 12th Moon sextile Mercury the 14th Moon trine Venus the 15th Mars moves into Pisces the 15th Moon conjunct Mars the 15th Venus goes direct the 16th Mercury retrograde the 16th Moon square Mercury the 16th Moon moves through: Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces... Continue Reading →

Mercury in Capricorn Essential Oil Recipes

Mercury moves into Capricorn today and will remain there until the end of January. Mercury rules our communication, thought, and travel. While moving through Capricorn, Mercury will affect our dreams, family, history, and traditions. When communicating with family is in the forefront, I recommend a blend of Geranium Essential Oil to help open your mind,... Continue Reading →

We’Moon Lunar News – February 18, 2017

Lunar News February 18, 2017 Saturday the 18th: Sun in Pisces, Waning Half Moon in Sagittarius Moon moves through: Sagittarius / Capricorn / Aquarius Open. Receptive. Imaginative. Intuitive. Transparent. Pisces is endlessly endearing because of its natural inclination to be open to and affected by life. This spring’s Venus retrograde will further your already famous... Continue Reading →

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