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NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014

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NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Benjamin Franklin said: “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” Do you think you know yourself well?


Do I know myself well? After fifty-plus years, I can say I’m beginning to know myself fairly well. I know the things that trigger my depression, my anxiety, and my crying spells. Finally, I can predict what my reactions are going to be, before they happen. That gives me time to steel myself to think before I react.

Due to all my illnesses, I have learned to be very involved with my body. I know what to eat, when to eat, and how the food will affect my body. I have learned all the movements that bring pain, and those movements that do not. If I push beyond my limits, I know I’m going to be violently ill for days.

These days, I stay inside my head a great deal of time; which is a good thing for my writing. I have loads of past experiences to put into my short stories and novels; experiences that I hope may be of value to someone.

At this age, I can, (sometimes), stay calm and in the present moment. That is my goal as I travel on down the ‘Golden Oldie’ road.

1 A Golden Oldie
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Aromatherapy Emotion Blends

1 Logo by Hemant
Logo by Hemant

Aromatherapy Emotion Blends

A guide to using organic essential oils to treat emotions, using an aromatherapy emotion blend to enhance a positive result.

We hope that life won’t make us feel sad, angry, or stressed out. Unfortunately, it does. Aromatherapy can help you get a clear, calm, and relaxed mind that promotes positive thinking. “Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life.”

How many of you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? I suffered from SAD for a very long time. When I was studying for my Aromatherapy Certification, I was over-joyed to find that essential oils could help with SAD. I put essential oils to work, for myself, instantly. After a few trials and errors, I found some blends that worked for me.

Try these unique aromatherapy blends to overcome your emotional situations. Blend the recommended essential oils and add 3 to 5 drops of the blend to water in an aroma lamp, diffuser, or oil burner.

Lift up your spirit :
2 drops of bergamot essential oil
2 drops of grapefruit essential oil
1 drop of orange essential oil
1 drop of frankincense essential oil

Eliminate your anger:
2 drops of cedarwood essential oil
2 drops of rose essential oil
2 drops of palmarosa essential oil

Balancing your busy life:
6 drops of peppermint essential oil
6 drops of lavender essential oil

3 drops of marjoram essential oil
3 drops of thyme essential oil

2 drops of sandalwood essential oil
2 drops of juniper essential oil
2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil

You can add bergamot for reducing depression, clary sage for calming tension, or marjoram for eliminating loneliness.

Bring Happiness, Laughter, and Sunshine into your Heart and Life.


NaBloPoMo ~ January 23, 2014

1 A January 2014 BlogHer

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Do you think it’s possible to control your temper when facing enormous pressure?


I think, yes, it would be possible to control your temper when facing enormous pressure. Anything is possible. I have seen some very calm people walk through enormous pressure, without batting an eye. Me? I tend to get in a tizzy and probably snap at some people, but my bark is worse than my bite, and I usually apologize to the people I snapped at. I don’t lose my temper, although I will probably fall apart when the enormous pressure is relieved.

November 2013 ~ NaBloPoMo ~ #8


If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?
I can think of three right off the bat. It would have to be funny, calm, and maybe a little romance. I would not like to be stuck in a Horror Movie for 5 days and although I love to read and watch a good mystery/thriller, I don’t think I would want to be stuck in one of those movies for 5 days, either.
I can narrow it down to my top three.

3. Groundhog’s Day starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell
1 Groundhog Day
Sounds like a safe movie to be in for 5 days and it would be hilarious to watch Bill living the same day over and over again.

2. The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey.
1 A Truman Show
This wasn’t one of Jim Carrey’s best, but again, it sounds like a safe movie to be in for 5 days and I love Jim Carrey!

Are you catching on yet? Yep, you are right. I like to feel safe and seldom take chances, but then again, any movie would be a chance, because I do not know what role I will be playing or if I will simply be an observer.
On to number one.

1. The Butcher’s Wife starring Demi Moore and George Dzundza.
1 Butcher's Wife
I love this movie and, yes, it is another safe one. I would so love to be a part of this movie for 5 days.

So, there you have it. My top three movies to live in for 5 days! What would your answer be? Can you choose just one?

Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock

Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock
by michelle w. on September 4, 2013

Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?


I prefer to rely on myself. Why? Because I don’t trust others easily, pride, personal issues, and stubbornness, just to name a few.
I have reached the point where I was so broken, I had to ask for help, but that’s another story for another day. Today I choose to be happy and calm.

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Daily Prompt: Life Line

Daily Prompt: Life Lineby michelle w. on August 12, 2013

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

The palm reader takes my left hand, she lightly rubs a finger over the lines in my hand. It tickles and I giggle a little. She tells me to calm and center myself, as she continues to run her finger over the lines in my hand. At last, she looks up at me and says, “You have a very kind heart that has been broken several times. Still, you are very generous with your love. Hmmm.”
Her finger goes back to tracing the lines in my hand.
“You have a fate line that breaks at the heart line, which signifies most of your decisions are made in your head carefully balancing the pros and the cons. Fate never interferes with your head’s decisions, but lurks close by if needed.”
Again, she begins to trace the lines in my hand, with her finger.
“You have a long life line, which signals to me that you come from a long line of ancestors with kind hearts. There are bumps along the way, but no separation in the line. This tells me that you will live a long life along a bumpy road. All in all, you will live a long life full of love and laughter and bumps of grief.”
I thanked the lady and offered her $20, but she would not take it. She rubbed her finger over the lines in my hand again and said, “For you my friend, the reading was a labor of love.”

Palm Reading 1

Post a

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May 28, 2013 · by lijiun · in Buddha, Buddhism, Life, Nature. ·

Do you take vitamins or supplement to sustain your good health?
No, I just try to eat healthy and get plenty of sunshine. If I feel a cold coming on, I will take Golden Seal Extract for a few days. I do drink herbal tea, mostly Chamomile, to help with anxiety and nervousness.

Do you do exercise regularly to maintain your good health?
I do what my health will let me do. I do some yoga and walking and/or gardening most days and housework every day.

Are you concern about your food intake in order to maintain your good health?
Yes, I’m a diabetic and have to watch my food intake closely.

How much time do you spend to safeguard your healthy body?
An hour or two a day.

How about your mind? Are you doing anything to safeguard your mind?
I’m on several prescription medications and see my therapist and psychiatrist regularly.

Have you ever think about it?
Yes, it has been an ongoing problem for several years.

How to reduce anger, greedy, fear, worry, tension, jealous, ignorant, doubt, arrogant and others in your mind?
I’m sure my medications helps a lot, but I do practice meditation.

Please spend sometime with yourself, be total relax and total silence, you’ll enjoy the freedom of your mind.
I do a lot of this. I prefer to be alone in the quiet.

All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?
No, I don’t think so.

By Buddha

One of the best way is to take a nature walk, be with yourself and the nature.
I love doing taking nature walks.

Look at the nature, your mind will be calm, peace and serenity.
I am lucky to be surrounded by nature.

The best moment in your life!
Yes, it is!

1 Beautiful Yellow Flowers
Look at the beautiful yellow flowers! How peaceful!
1 Clover
Be mindfulness! The green lovely leaves are just under your walkway…ALIVE!
1 Sunset
Beautiful sunset! The source of energy! How warm!
1 Blue Sky
Blue Sky and white clouds.. The simplest thing is the most precious thing in life! Appreciate all good moment in life!
2 Trees
2 trees join together…Amazing! So artistic!
1 Bird
A bird was singing a “Good Nite” song. Let’s start ANEW everyday!

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