Brown – Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to All! I have enjoyed bringing the colors of Easter to you this week. We will end today with some Easter Browns. Chocolate Bunny courtesy of via Yahoo Images Beautifully painted Brown Stipe Egg courtesy of via Yahoo Images Bunny Cupcake courtesy of via Yahoo Images HAPPY EASTER! Photo courtesy... Continue Reading →


Today will be our last day to discuss Faeries. We will be discussing the 'Brown Faeries' or 'Brownies', as they are sometimes called. Brownies are the best known of all Faeries. Their homeland is Scotland, but over the years they have spread all over the world. They are loyal, noble, and trustworthy, making them good... Continue Reading →


Today, for Brown Day, I want to talk about the gemstone, Tigers Eye. Tigers Eye comes from a type of Quartz. It is one of the chatoyant gemstones, that includes: Malachite, Jade, Obsidian, and more. Tigers Eye is a semi-precious stone. The name, Tigers Eye, comes from the Greek term psudomorph, which means 'false form'.... Continue Reading →

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