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FREE Shipping all week long Just use coupon: FREESHIP at checkout (mobile users, checkout, show summary to input the discount code). This INCLUDES our sale items! (In stock items only) PAIN FREE in 30 minutes or your money back! Who wears Baltic Amber? Those who wish to be pain free. Free from pain caused by... Continue Reading →


This week we have been discussing shades and hues of various colors. Today we will look at and discuss some Shades of Black. Black is a color that is absent of light. It has no hue. Black is the darkest color. Shades of Black include: Licorice, Black Leather Jacket, Jet Black, Black Onyx, CafĂ© Noir,... Continue Reading →


Today we are going to talk about the Black Onyx. Onyx is the Greek word for 'claw or fingernail'. Onyx is a variety of quartz, called chalcedony. The quartz contains a band of colors that range from white to black. During the Victorian era, the word onyx became black onyx exclusively. Black Onyx is a... Continue Reading →

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