T is for Tantrums, Teething, and Thrush

http://www.A-to-Zchallenge.com April 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge T is for Tantrums, Teething, and Thrush Today we are going to discuss some essential oil recipes for the little ones. Do you have little 'tantrum throwers'? This recipe will calm them down. Treatment is by adding (3 to 5 drops) of the following blend into an... Continue Reading →

For the Promptless

For The Promptless – S. 2, E. 5 – Gezellegheid June 11, 2013 By rarasaur http://thequeencreative.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/for-the-promptless-s-2-e-5-gezellegheid/ Gezelligheid is a Dutch noun meaning the comfort and coziness of being at home, with friends, with loved ones or general togetherness. Gezellig is an adjective that the noun is based on. From wiki: A room can be gezellig.... Continue Reading →

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