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Lunar News—September 14, 2019 14th Mercury moves into Libra Venus moves into Libra Moon conjunct Venus Moon conjunct Mercury18th Saturn goes direct20th Moon trine Venus Moon trine MercuryMoon moves through: Aries / Taurus / Gemini Saturday—Mercury & Venus move into Libra Mercury is “The Thinker,” and involves our communication skills: what we say, our words,... Continue Reading →

Essential Oils to use for Full Moon in Capricorn

This New Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse occurs in Capricorn opposite Sun in Cancer. Along with being encouraged to let go of all that is no longer needed, we must stay focused, grounded, and work on setting goals. Eclipses bring about changes. Use the following essential oils to help your emotions during this transition: Cedarwood:... Continue Reading →

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